Successful Active Woman Interview featuring Veronique from TaxAdVise

I met Veronique a few years ago, she was referred to me from a friend, and we know as Entrepreneurs, referral business is the best business. I handed over my life in paperwork basically, to her and she worked her magic. She took the time and taught me a lot. She gives honest and to the point tips and strategies that I personally appreciate. I also gravitated towards her when I asked her about her hypnosis business, she lit up and shared with me success stories that were mind blowing. She is truly a talented woman with many talents!


Enjoy this weeks edition of the Successful Active Woman,


My Story:

Growing up as a kid, I was fascinated by business people, CEO and all those big titles...I knew I wanted to be one of them...I had to find a way, as I did not come from a family who ran businesses. So I got my formal education, and choose jobs that could prepare me to become a business owner myself: marketing, sales, financials, customer service, business planning, taxation...

When I arrived in Canada in 1999 and got several job from which I was fired for no good reason, I knew that was my sign to do it on my own. The questions was started a tutor business as my kids were in french immersionand many parents asked me to help their kids, which led to a translation business: translating manuals. I just loved to be in charge of my own time and making the money I wanted to. With my background in the hospitality industry, I started a specialty travel business, but 9/11 made a brisk stop on that. After a trip to Belgium and having a great experience in a sauna house, I decide to to try that concept in Ontario, where I entered a contest that was with the University of Waterloo and Laurier to set up the whole business. I got 3rd place, however, never execute my plan as I moved to the US. Two years later, back in Canada, this this in Airdrie, Alberta, I knew I wanted to execute my plan and My Rejuvenation Centre was born. Although the concept- having couples, friends and /or family rented the place for a relaxing and rejuvenating time- didn't catch on, I started to provide the services on an individual bases. At the same time, I have marital problems, so making sure I could provide for my kids, I started TaxAdVise. My focus was to teach my clients on how taxes work, why hey pay and get a refund...I wanted to have a tax firm that treat every of their clients as if the clients are my own kids and family...8 years later, I have a very loyal clients base. Due to the fact I give tax advise, I notice that many of my clients were struggling to execute that advise, so last year, I decided to help my clients and others all the way with their finances as people work to hard for their money in order to give it to the government, the banks, ....Hence I started a financial brokerage that can provide all kinds of insurances, investments, debt a free plan on how to become financially sound.

At the same time, when MyRejuvenation Centre was thriving, I notice that many of my clients were struggling physically because of mental challenges...and when my son struggled also with his baseball, I decided to become certified hypnotherapist, in order to help people faster, and without poisoning themselves with all those pills.


My Vision

My vision is to empower people financially and mentally, by providing education, advise and techniques, so they can bring out their own potential. I strongly believe that EVERYONE is made to do something special, but they just haven't discovered it within themselves.

Veronique on left, receiving her top 10/400award

Veronique on left, receiving her top 10/400award



My motivation

Making a difference in someone else s live, drives me every day. When I have someone for hypnosis and they leave and they feel like a " cloud" has been lifted, or the energy is back that was eaten away from fear, depression, anxiety...when I have clients that come for their taxes, and they understand what they can do to keep their money in their pocket by being told what we all can do to keep that money and they feel so empowered, when I have a person, who is sick and tired of their job, and they join my team, because I believe in them and they know they have their future in their hands now, it is so empowering to them and me to be able to make a difference in their lives. When I show people a plan on how to realize their future financially without worries, it is the best gift I can get and it makes me wake up every day to do more every day!


My strength

I believe it comes from my past: growing up without parents and a real home, being told that kids like me are pre determined to be the losers of the society, I knew it would not be me. So I learned as much as I could, surrounded myself with positive, strong people and leaders, challenged myself to do the best in anything I do ...played competitive sports....and I knew one day, as I understand people, I could make a difference in many peoples lives.


Self Care

Because my work is my passion, I feel I do my hobby all the time...however, in order to recharge, I travel, go watch baseball, I knit and crochet ( very relaxing to me), play volleyball, socialize with people... and I have my daughter at home who reminds me every day to be the best example I can be.


My website

My website for My Rejuvenation Centre is all about making holistic choice for health care, based on Chinese medicine and hypnosis.I have also a Facebook page as it let's me engage with people.

For my tax and financial brokerage, I use my Facebook page TaxAdVise, where I provide free tax information and now more and more financial education.



I am born and raised in Belgium, have 2 awesome kids, Ayla and Kyran Weemaels, who I try to show them to follow their dreams and how do deal with their struggles, after all, life is a daily lesson. I love being an entrepreneur because it allowed me to be a mom and still provide for my kids and be there for their activities, because it allows me to react immediately to the needs of my clients instead of having to hide behind " policies and procedures", because it empowers me very day, never a dull moment,...


My number 1 advise for an Successful Active Woman or Entrepreneur is; KNOW YOUR WHY.

Most of the time, money is not a powerful motivation to be in business/ job: it is your emotional connection to what you do, that drives you. It is your possibility to explore YOUR potential, that other and even yourself don't see it yet, but being in business/ job, makes you confront with your own demons and angels, your talents and skills and things you need to work on, is so powerful to explore yourself...and you become the best mom you can be as your kids get the best role model they can get. Anyone can become a business owner: you just have to take the step. And if you don't feel that way: YOU know it is time for CHANGE.


Thank you again, Veronique for being apart of my Successful Active Woman interview, I loved hearing your story and how you overcame many struggles.

I hope you all received inspiration to build a business around your passions and your schedule.


Feeling Alive