How Journaling Gives Back to Me

I remember as a pre teen I had a journal and I would write about the day, the drama and so forth. It was my way of expressing myself, yet as I grew older it became the"uncool" thing to do, social life and soccer became a higher priority. Another thing was, I simply wasn't interested in it and didn't recognize the benefits.

When my Dad passed I had a journal that was my grieving outlet. This journal has traveled to Europe with me in a back pack, has lived in Florida with me and numerous room mates, it has moved provinces, been told about my pregnancies before anyone else and has received Christmas cards (yes I put in Christmas card aside for my Dad 14 yrs later). My journal has kept me connected to my Dad and has been an anchor in my grieving process. When women tell me about their journey of grieve I always share with them my journaling process and how it has served me.

Journaling has served me in another way too. When I went back to school for Life Coaching I hired a Spiritual Coach. I feared a bigger business would mean I wouldn't have time to play with my children, I had fear that I would be too busy for Lego and science experiments. With the guidance of my spiritual coach I am able to play with Lego, do science experiments and have a successful business. I am able to do this with a solid schedule of balance and showing myself appreciation for what is important TO ME, my family and my business.

Having the opportunity to express myself without being censored or judged is an amazing experience and one I truly appreciate. Allowing the pen to just flow and come from a place of heart centered feelings and authenticity to me. It's also gives me an opportunity to reflect and deflate a large dramatic event/obstacle. This then gives me the tools to over come whatever it is, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

It truly gives back to my inner self which reflect in my outer self.

My Nightly Routine

Every night I sit on my bathtub and reflect on what I have successfully accomplished throughout the day, how I made a positive impact in someones life and how I was able to balance life in harmony. I write 2-4 sentenceson how I appreciate each decision I made. With every situation comes a choice, that leads to a decision and by appreciating my past decisions, I feel more confident in myself making solid and positive choices forward.

By taking these few minutes of self reflection I feel more at peace with my day, I feel more confident with my day and I feel more accomplished and successful. This also sets me up for a more peaceful sleep and a happier morning. Happier morning, how did that happen? It happened with my confident sense of accomplishment from yesterday, I wake up excited and propelled to have another day like that!

I hope that you can find a journaling routine that gives back to you.


If you struggle with what to journal about or how to, use the KISS Strategy- Keep it short & simple. Also use your resources, reach out to me. I am MORE than happy to guide you along a way of successful journaling techniques.

Have a beautiful successful day and ...