Successful Active Woman Interview Featuring KJL Mobile Boutique

What & Who is KJL Mobile Boutique?

KJL Mobile Boutique is Kiera, Jessica and Lindsay. We sell KSL clothing from our mobile trailer,
at Farmers Markets, Pop Up shops and home shopping experiences. We have known each
other for years, our kids are all the same age, we love triathlon and teach group classes and
personal train clients. We all believe working around our kids schedule was so important and
when Lindsay moved back to Alberta in 2015, the idea of the mobile business began. Jessica
had already fallen in love with KSL clothing while she was in Quebec (KSL is a Quebec
company, Canadian designed and manufactured) and originally brought KSL to Alberta back in
2013. The Banff store closed it doors and we went mobile in October 2015.

Our Vision

KSL’s goal is to motivate others to achieve your dreams by offering clothes that give you the self confidence that encourages you to be more active. We truly believe this vision and want not only our children but women everywhere to “spread your wings” and take a step closer towards your goal each and every day.

Our Motivation

All three of us are motivated by time freedom. We want to walk our kids to school, attend school concerts and never have someone else raise them. We push so hard to to create a successful business so we can do this and be a strong role model to our children. We want our kids to understand that it is not all negative about “going to work” and that thinking and working outside the box is a great way to follow your dreams. You can do anything if you truly believe you can.

Our Strength

All three of us work extremely well as a unit because we all have different personalities and
strengths. We all fit nicely into a role within our business and really enjoy that. Lindsay hates
working with numbers and spreadsheets but luckily Kiera loves it. Jessica is not the best at
keeping up with social media but it is Lindsay’s favourite. Neither Lindsay or Kiera can speak
french so Jess is the liaison between Quebec and Alberta. We mesh well which is why the
company works so well.

Our self care routines

All 3 of us are very active. Kiera and Jessica are currently training for another half ironman and
Lindsay is training towards a new certification that requires a lot of strength training. We all
make time in our busy schedules to eat well and train hard.


Our website is a point of contact for our schedule (where to find
us), featured items (stuff we love) and about us (who we are). You can also book your own Home Shopping Experience from the website. We wanted the website to be welcoming and a place to get great information. You can also sign up for our weekly newsletter that covers everything from healthy recipes, new locations to find us, featured items, sales and so much more. We want to connect with people on many different levels and get to know them as well as use our strengths to provide them with information that can help them along their dreams and goals.

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Who is KJL?


I have always been a very passionate person, with very little fashion sense. I am not a
sales person, I can only talk up a product I love and am passionate about. I don't sell, I share my findings. Enthusiasm is contagious. Get us all in a room together with some KSL clothing and watch out, the excitement bubbles off us all! I love this product because I don't have to think. With my fashion-less tastes, I can look great without much effort or talent! And I can help others look great too! I am also an avid athlete so having something that works so well for me in my personal life, it just made sense to want to share it with others! With the added bonus of working with two amazing ladies whom I love and respect and a self created schedule to fit my family and my fun, it was very easy to get this business off the ground by "spreading our wings together"


I am passionate about life!! I love health and fitness, I love teaching others about my
knowledge and I love to inspire others. I am an entrepreneur because having passion about life,
I need a lot of time doing everything I love and I have so many things I love doing that if I had to ask my boss for days off, he would have to give me 5 days off a week lol. So now I get to build my own schedule and take days off that I want!! We as a team get to decide what works best for us and our families.


I truly believe there is more about our life than just going through the motions. We
spend all this time waiting for the time to be perfect or the reason to be right, and soon enough we no longer have the time. I am passionate about getting people to realize their own potential and never give up on their dreams no matter how many people tell them to. Something unique and fun about me is that I have completed 2 Ironman races and multiple marathons. I love having a training, executing that plan, make changes along the way and toeing the line knowing I have done all I can to make it the best race I can race.

Fun and unique about us as a group - It is actually crazy how similar we are:

  • We all had home birth with our kids
  • We are personal trainers and spin instructors
  • We can all run an under 25 min 5 km
  • We have all been to Australia,
  • We have all done triathlons
  • We are all an A cup
  • We all have 2 kids (months apart)
  • We are all a little OCD (in different ways)
  • We are all procrastinators that get shit done
  • We are all stubborn, competitive , and most importantly we are all about achieving our dreams


→What would be our number one advice for a Successful Active Woman?

Do something that makes you happy every day. It could be read a good book while having a bath, taking a walk or sweating out a good workout. Putting yourself as a priority will really trickle down to the rest of your family, friends, co-workers and people you meet. “You can’t pour from an empty cup”

→.What would be our number one advice for a Woman entrepreneur?

Set boundaries with yourself and your family. The best part of working from home is you can
work anytime, anywhere BUT the hard part is that you can work ANYTIME and ANYWHERE. If
you are spending time with your kids, spend time with them. Put the electronics away. Reply to
the email later and let the call go to voicemail. It can wait. Schedule your “worktime” and your
“personal time” so that you have the time to GSD (Get Sh*t Done) but also take time away and
enjoy the reason you decided to become an entrepreneur in the first place

Thank you very much Kiera, Jessica and Lindsay from KJL Mobile Boutique, make sure to check out their website and see if they will be popping up near you! I honestly love their clothes and many of my fitness clients and Success Coaching clients adore how they feel and love in KSL clothing- spread your wings.

I always appreciate the sharing and inspiring the Successful Active Woman interviews bring out, if you have an online company feel free to email me and be apart of this celebration at


Feeling Alive,