Cinco De Mayo!


What a wonderful day it is today!

My family loves Mexico and we have really adopted the Mexican way of life, food, culture and try to visit that beautiful country each year. My children also love the movie "Book of Life" and with it having such a fun soundtrack, I love it too.

There is this one song, that always sings to my heart. It is called "No Matter Where You Are" by Us the Duo, it has such a powerful message that is repeated throughout the song "No matter where you are, I will be there".


As I was singing at the top of my lungs and having a dance party with my daughter earlier today, I have always sang that song and felt it about my children. Today was no different- I always sing that song with the powerful intention that my children will always know, I am with them through anything.

As we were dancing around, I thought to myself. I honestly feel this about my Alive community and clients as well. I was listening to the song and parts were leaping out of it and screaming THIS IS YOU - THIS IS ALIVE! 

We can be the generation who learn how to love


I wont let you fall, I wont let you go

I honestly feel, we are the generation to show how to love and support each other. By doing this at Alive and with me leading, WE (you and me!) have created this strong, empowering community. A community where people can come and be themselves with no judgement, laugh at themselves and share tears of hurt and happiness together. A community where you feel welcomed and loved even on your first encounter.

Being apart of a community like Alive, is a prime example of a strong support system. A support system that will be there for you physically, emotionally and spiritually. The connections formed are ones that will last and will hold a special place in your heart and in mine.

When working with clients one on one, either in personal training or Success Coaching I always ask who is their support system? Who is on their side? Who is their go-to friend to keep them aligned in their goals and dreams? Knowing your support system is a fundamental step in your success. We all know there are ups and downs to any journey, by having your support system, you are not alone! They will be there to keep you on track and hold you accountable to your dreams and goals.

I don't want to say "Here is the criteria for your support system and kick out everyone else" No no no, because each person in your life right now brings you an unique piece to your puzzle. What I do want to say is, here are a couple traits to think about and look for within your support system, from there you can identify who is apart of your healthy support system.

  • Someone with an optimistic and realistic outlook on life as a whole (health, love, business, family etc)
  • Someone who is real and authentic with you and you can be with them. There are no masks in a support system, you should be able to snot cry with them and them hand you a tissue or a sleeve... eww but you get the point!
  • Someone who wants to see you succeed. There are people out there that fear change and fear the unknown, they don't want to see you fail but they question why you would want to change. Surround yourself with men and women who thrive on change and elevation too.

Having a strong support system can cut down on the mental struggle of self doubt and negative self talk. Having a strong support system can allow you to believe in yourself and be a support system for others on their journey. Having a strong support system gives you the strength and the value to OWN your progress and CELEBRATE your progress.


My number one support system.

He holds me accountable to my goals, even when I just want to sit on the couch- he gives me the boot and I am thankful for it (maybe not in that moment, but after I am!)


Thank you to each one of you, for being apart of the Alive community and being a support system to someone.

I appreciate how I have become a support system for many of you and will always be there for you.


Feeling Alive,