Successful Active Husband & Wife Interview featuring The FC Company

Every week I feature a Successful Active Woman but this week, there is a little twist. I am featuring a Successful Active husband and wife team. I came across The FC Company on Instagram and fell in love with their hats and pocket shirts. I sent a little message and a couple minutes later we were sharing stories of how cancer has effected both of us. I could tell Darrin had and still has a passion for his business and for creating a product with an emotional message attached. When there is this much passion behind a business and a message, I had to bend the rules a bit.

Enjoy this weeks edition of the Successful Active Husband and Wife team, Darin and Michelle. 


Our Story

In 2014 my ever so strong father was diagnosed with cancer.  It was an extremely tough year.  He kept a positive attitude and went in to beat the disease.  He put up an amazing fight but sadly lost the battle as have so many others.  

My wife and I were sitting around the table after his funeral and just in a daze we were doodling up random drawings.  I was mad and frustrated at cancer  and drew two letters FC and combined it with a hope ribbon.  I wished at the time we could of done so much more.  We decided start our clothing business The FC Company Inc.  For every product we sell a portion is donated back to cancer research.  This will be for the life of our company.

Our products are all ethically made which we are extremely proud of.  All of our shirts are organic and made in Canada.  Our goal is to have all of our products made in Canada and be sustainable.  


Our Vision-

Our goal for the business is to keep growing and keeping true to our passions with being organic and sustainable.  We have many return customers and most say they never take our products off.  We want to keep everything as high quality as possible.  We set our bar very high to ensure we have people coming back wanting more

It is all new to the to us running a business and balancing things can be an extreme challenge especially learning the world of social media. Every day is a learning experience,  juggling between work and life.  The balance is somewhere just still trying to find it lol

Our Motivation-

We love helping people and our share might be small but every bit helps.  When our customers message us and express how happy they are,  it keeps giving you the push to do more.  


Our Strength

Our strength has come from helping others.  We always think there are many people worst off and feel pain we can never comprehend.  The little bit we help and the sacrifices we make is the least we can do for someone in need.

Self Care

This comes back to balance,  we both ensure we have or make  time to do things we enjoy.  As I'm away for three nights each week I make sure I make time to give my full attention to my wife and anything she may need done. She holds down the Fort while I'm away and I give her a lot of respect keeping our life together and flowing smoothly.  She is a rock star!!!



Our website is trying to create positive energy and calming.  Staying postive in life is easier said then done and I am speaking from experience.  When you are positive everything is a lot different, the sun shines a bit brighter, the birds tweet a bit sweeter and you can radiate that energy onto ones around you.

Facebook -

Instagram -  @the_fc_company_inc


Tell us about you two

My wife and I live in northern British Columbia in a remote town,  we make the best of the long winters getting outside and braving the cold.  Staying active in the short days is good for the mind and soul.  

We are extremely passionate about cancer research.


Thank you so much Darin and Michelle for sharing your story, and how you two are a power house couple on a mission!

I honestly love my hat, and have sent one away to my cousin's son who is battling cancer in Delta. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to send him a product that stands with him and can make an impact in his journey.


Feeling Alive,