Successful Active Woman featuring the inspiring Meal Plan Addict, Steph.


My Story

I’m Steph. I am a contract project manager by day – turning ideas into reality for the clients I work with. By night, I am a food blogger, and the creator of Confessions of a Meal Plan Addict (


I spent nearly 10 years working hard (and not always smart!) to build a successful career and a family.  In the meantime, I neglected my health and became an unhappy with my health, fitness and the way I felt about myself.


I needed to find balance. Last year, I decided the project that needed the most attention was ME. I became a runner, got a dietician, and changed my life to create my own happy.  


Just as I had used food to get to an unhappy place, I used food to turn it all around! I became a meal plan addict. I got my health and my life organized. I created an amazing amount of happy. I was often asked how I did it, and what did I do – so, I started to confess what I had been up to. I was re-telling my story over and over and getting asked for my recipes and tips and tricks – realizing that there were other women who wanted to change their life – to become healthier, or get organized, the concept of Confessions of a Meal Plan Addict was born.  


It started as a single thread on an online mom group. It morphed into my moderated online community with hundreds of members within the first few hours of its existence, then grew into blog with tens of thousands of page views in a month.


My vision-

The vision for Confessions of a Meal Plan Addict is to be THE online resource for cooking once, and eating (healthy food) all week. My vision is to build a community – not just a website.


My vision is not to be in the business of me cooking to fill your freezers.   My vision is to enable and inspire YOU to cook once, and eat healthy all week (with really pretty food and a few laughs along the way!)


My motivation-

The emails and messages from blog followers that are inspired by my journey and ideas are my motivation. Who knew so many people wanted the same crazy organized fridge, freezers, and weekly planned dinners that I have?!


The motivation for Confessions of a Meal Plan Addict blog is to provide tips, recipes, and inspiration for anyone to get organized in the kitchen so they can either save money, get organized, adopt healthy eating, or lose weight – whatever their motive is.

My strength

My strength comes from my incredibly supportive family and friends.


For every crazy idea I have (and I have many), there are always those people in my life that not only come along for the ride, but give me the push to take the next hesitant step.


After about a year of me saying “yea, one day I will start that website….one day”,  my husband purchased the domain and sent a text message saying “ you now own – go do it”.


It forced me to stop just talking about it – but to do it. It’s the people like that in my life that fuel the fire and provide my strength.  


Self Care

The most important part of my self-care is sleep.


There are never enough hours in a day to do everything that I want – there never will be!  I have come to learn that it’s the quality of what I do in those hours that is important, not the quantity of hours.


Sleep is not a flexible item in my schedule that can be sacrificed to squeeze in one more daytime “to do” task. I make it a priority to work smart with the hours I have, and not work hard dragging my day out into the night.



As with life, my website is a work in progress! Right now it reflects where I am at with this business – the beginning.


I love to cook – but only once a week. On you will find what you need to know to cook once, and eat all week.  Confessions of a Meal Plan addict is your source for the “how to”, the inspiration, ideas, and recipes to let you cook once and eat all week.  

CLICK on the picture  and get redirected to Steph's 4 Simple ways to Start Meal Prep and Planning!      Thank you Steph-  awesome tips here!  

CLICK on the picture and get redirected to Steph's 4 Simple ways to Start Meal Prep and Planning! 

Thank you Steph- awesome tips here! 


Fun Facts of Steph

When I am not planning what to eat, cooking, eating, taking photos of food, or writing about it, I am negotiating with a four year old version of myself, and usually yelling at two misbehaved dogs to stop stealing food.


I have a wildly supportive husband that has joined in on every crazy adventure I have had in the last 10 years – and I am sure he agrees, this has been the most delicious adventure to date!


Some fun facts about me that are unrelated to food - I have a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and a Master’s of Biomedical Technology. I also have a titanium shoulder from a highly unimpressive fall down a mountain while skiing.


→.What would be your number one advice for a Successful Active Woman?

My advice is to always have these 3 people in your life:

  1. A Mentor: this person will provide inspiration for the direction you want to go. This person has a great “been there, done that” lens. Tap into that. Make their lessons learned – your lessons learned.

  2. A Close Friend: bounce your wild and crazy ideas off this person. They are your sounding board, and you are theirs. This person is in the trenches with you – always.

  3. A Mentee: You don’t become successful alone. Just as your mentor provides you value, providing mentorship to the next generation is important. Give back.


→.What would be your number one advice for a Woman entrepreneur?

Stop searching for a passion.


Just start doing what you want and like. Once you start doing whatever it is that makes you feel awesome and that you genuinely like to do, you will naturally be surrounded by others that also want to do those things – it will be inspiring and motivating. You will naturally become an expert in whatever it is you are you are truly interested in. The business concept, or product, or idea, or plan will come later. Just start doing whatever it is that you are gravitated to do.

Steph presenting at her SOLD OUT EVENT at PUSH spin studios

Steph presenting at her SOLD OUT EVENT at PUSH spin studios


Thank you Steph for sharing and inspiring with Confessions of a Meal Plan Addict.

I look forward to each blog post and see what you have created. I thoroughly enjoy the Sneak a Peaks that are released on Friday which goes through topics such as feeding your family on $70 worth of groceries and having wine for dinner.

I appreciate your real authenticity with us, your readers. Thank you

Feeling Alive,