Successful Active Woman Interview Featuring the Beautiful Soul of Erin from Raising Hope

To start off this interview I must say when Erin and I connected, I instantly fell in love with her message and her passion. I lost my Dad over 13 years ago and not a day goes by that I don't think about him or don't think about how much cancer sucks (to be frank). Erin has created this soulful and intentional shopping experience that I admire.

Here is her story:

In February of 2015 my dad was diagnosed with cancer.  That very day I signed up for Relay for Life Airdrie and made it my goal to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society.  I couldn't cure my dad or help to change the situation but I could do this.  I filled my time raising funds and with the help of my team we ended up being the top fundraising team in Airdrie!  The day after Relay for Life was over I instantly felt lost.  I didn't know how to fill my time and deal with the situation, however an opportunity fell into my lap to do contract work for Buttercream Clothing.  I fell in love with market life and was so inspired by so many amazing and creative women.  I knew I was not a maker but needed to find away to be apart of this world I admire so much.  I decided I would open an online shop featuring my favourite makers but add in my passion for raising funds for the Canadian Cancer Society and Raising Hope was formed. 

During the planning stages my dad moved into hospice care, I worked by his bedside in hopes of opening sooner then I had thought to make my dad proud.  We talked about my goals and I showed him product and ideas but sadly he lost his battle before I launched.  I know he was proud of what I was doing and that he still it, I'm thankful that I was able to be inspired during this time and will keep my dads spirit alive through Raising Hope.

My Vision:

I see the shop growing with makers and shoppers from across Canada.  Raising more funds to help with cancer research and assisting Canadians who are affected every day by this disease.  My shop will also keep funds in Canada by only representing Canadian companies!!  I truly believe that you should shop where you live as much as possible.

My Motivation:

I want my daughter to see me as a hard working mom that still has time for fun and family.  I love getting up before everyone else in the else to work.  I enjoy a cup of tea, listen to a playlist on my phone called 'dad' and just write, plan, research or catch up on paperwork and emails.  Knowing that when my little one and husband wake up, we can have breakfast together and spend quality time.  I also want to show my daughter that you can love what you do while also helping others as it's so important to be kind. 

My Strength:

I believe that my strength is being able to find balance.  I have watched family and friends put business before everything and I knew that I didn't want to sacrifice family time as it's so very important.  I have managed to do that but it does not mean I have not spent endless hours while everyone is sleeping on days I didn't get as much as I wanted done.  Being a new business I know that I will have days that I will just want to work but hope that I'm always able to keep this balance in a way that works best for our family.


My personal self care:

I just started training for my second half marathon.  I get dressed in my running/workout clothes when my daughter is getting ready for school.  I walk her to school and then meet my workout buddy, we run Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays and cross train on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  By getting ready in the morning it ensures that I go as planned.  I am also so very lucky to have a meditation/yoga/barre room in my house.  I meditate and stretch daily in the evening to unwind.  It took me a long time to learn how to meditate and clear my mind of it's busy state but I am so thankful I stuck with it as it truly helps me be calm and sleep better.

My Website:

My website is very clean and uncluttered.  It features local Canadian makers and the products that I sell.  I'm currently working on a blog to interview the makers to feature their talent and just to get to know them a little better.

Instagram: @shopraisinghope

Erin as Erin:

Besides Raising Hope I'm also a pre school teachers assistant in Airdrie.  I volunteer for the Canadian Cancer Society as a committee member for Relay for Life Airdrie, this years event is a Super Hero theme and being held June 18.  I also still do contract work with Buttercream Clothing, I love the mountains, lattes, reading, dreamcatchers, air plants, bonfires, Disneyland and cinnamon candy apples (they are so hard to find though).

Erin's advice:

If I could give any advice being a new business owner it would be to stay true to your self.  Don't do something because you think that's what other people want.  Make your business your own, put your love and passion into it and people will see that through your work.  It's okay to ask for help!  Things take time and that's okay, make small goals to hit your big goals and when it takes longer to get there don't give up!



I appreciate and admire you Erin for your sense of making a positive ripple effect in the world and how your business brings an intentional shopping experience to many.

Thank you!

With motivation from Erin like that, I don't think I need to say Have a great Monday, because I know you will!!

Feeling Alive,