How do you measure success?

Today I was glued to a book, yes Mom I was actually glued to a book. When I was younger it was literally like World War 3, I would put up the biggest fight to NOT read. I just wanted to run and play, not sit! But as I have matured and have become more and more passionate about fitness, business, health and self development - reading has been actually enjoyable! Anyways, back to today!

I bought this book back in February and it has been sitting on my counter since then,  I would look at it, move it, put it in my backpack, take it out, but never actually opened it. It is called the "Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" by Deepak Chopra, I'm sure many have heard of it. I believe my Dad read it and talked about it but again, as a young Kelsey, I really did not like to read!

In the introduction it talked about success, and what it means to some and how some people measure it. Success can mean numerous things, you can be successful in health, fitness, sciences, social skills, career, family life and more. I truly appreciated how he broke down the definition of success.

Success in life can be defined as the continued expansion of happiness and progressive realization of worthy goals
— Deepak Chopra

I meet with women daily and I find when I present them with a question, What are your goals? They instantly say something physical related, weight loss or muscle definition. And that is A OK, we all want to be fit and healthy, but when I ask them what their real personal goal is....they stumble.

Why? Is it because they don't value their goals or themselves, or is it because they want everyone else to be happy and that will make them happy.

But as I have mentioned in seminars and said in day to day living, we can NOT put our happiness in the hands of someone else! We just CAN NOT! Happiness is OURS to own!

I ask you, what are your goals?

When your goal is defined, a wonderful snow ball effect starts! Next, your mind becomes focused, steps start to happen,  and a path forms connecting you to your success!

So, put on those Mrs Independent pants and create YOUR own goals!

I will be here to support, encourage and hold you accountable to your own personal path towards your own success!

And psstt... Everyone, I mean EVERYONE is entitled to feeling happy and successful, including you!


Feeling Alive,