Successful Active Woman Interview featuring Sarah Cormier

My Story

Our beautiful and healthy baby girl was born on August 18, 2014. the 4 months and 10 days we had with her were the most wonderful days. She was the perfect baby. Our lives changed on December 28, 2014 when I went to check on her before bed (only an hour had passed since she went to sleep), she was not breathing. My husband started CPR and the paramedics and fireman did everything that they could. She fell asleep that evening and never awoke. Quinn passed away from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

The next few months were a blur. Our heads were spinning and we lost all focus. We needed a purpose again and we needed to teach our living daughter how to manage grief.  My sister presented the idea of organizing a charity run, and Quinn’s Legacy Run Society was born.  In May 2015 we became an incorporated society with the mission to run a community based run while raising funds to financially support families in the early days of their grief journey and also to bring awareness to SIDS/SUDI. Our inaugural run was held on a wet and stormy day in August 2015 with 215 runners and we were able to raise over $25,000 to support Alberta families after the sudden loss of a child.   


My vision-

My vision for Quinn’s Legacy Run Society was originally to bring awareness to SIDS and financial assistance to families in the early days of their grief journey. The Canadian government asks for EI payments back (maternity benefits and child tax credit) after a child apsses away. Quinn passed away on December 28, 2014 and on January 4, 2015 my payments were cut off. I did not want any other family to have to suffer financially during these dark hours.

In the past 14 months, my vision has changed to include teaching families and the public how to “wear their grief” and about the grief journey. Quinn’s Legacy has given me a platform to do this and to be a support to so many.


My motivation-

What gets me out of bed every day is honouring Quinn and being the best mom that I can be to both girls. The “bereaved world” talks about learning to parent both your living child and your heavenly child and I think getting out of bed every day allows me to do this. I get out of bed in hopes that I am given the opportunity to say Quinn’s name and to show people how to live with grief. Grief never goes away. It is a fine balance learning to live with grief and be present. I have learned so many skills to help me get out of bed these past 14 months and teaching people about this also drives me. My support system also motivates me to face the day and a kick ass workout at the end of the day helps keep me grounded.  A strong faith and the right support system paired with some tunes allows me to pray and be present with my inner self.

My strength

My strength has always been there, I just never took the time to realize it before grief.  My own strength surprised me as I began this journey and continues to surprise me every day. It continues to be there because I love. I love with all my heart and want others to be part of that love.  Quinn's Legacy is built on strength - the partnership of a husband and wife, of 5 sisters and beautiful friends.


My Self Care-

2015 was not a year of self love in regards to nutrition and exercise. Which I find very ironic since we built the Legacy around a running event. 2016 is the year! I plan to run the 5 km race on August 20  and I am really focusing on my health and self care. I am finding the time to exercise 4 times a week and make healthy choices. I am thankful for my friends who push me to be accountable to this goal.

I find time to pray every day and spend lots of time reflecting in our  special “Quinny’s corner” in our house.



We are currently on Facebook , Instagram @quinnslegacy2015 and online registration through the running room. Our hope is to brand Quinn’s Legacy this year and use her logo and fox on all our product in 2016.


Running Room Event for August 20th 2016 in Airdrie AB and Virtual Runners :



A little bit about ME!

I am Sarah Cormier, mother to Quinn and Layla and wife to Lee.  I curse with the best of them and laugh often. I love the outdoors and had the chance to be a canoe guide with my husband for 5 years before we had children. I love water, nature and fancy a glass of white wine.

I became the co- founder of a non profit society to give purpose to our lives and to honour and teach  our 2 daughters.  My number one piece of advice would be that “every wave starts small”.


My Advice for Successful Active Women

Work hard, connect with those you love, find a great support network and watch those waves move and shake the world.

Ride the wave and enjoy the ride. The ebb and flow of the water will take you to real places that will change the direction of your life. Embrace it.


Thank you Sarah for sharing your inspiring story with us and sharing Quinn with us. I personally love, support and appreciate all you do!
Thank you and look out for next weeks edition as we feature the next Successful Active Woman.