Where did all my energy go?

Ladies, I hear it and I feel it!

Where did all my energy go?!

Being an active woman or an entrepreneur with little ones around at all times I know that time and energy gets thrown around like a hot potatoe. But it doesn't always have to be. I presented this question a couple days ago in a networking group asking "What is your biggest obstacle of success?" Numerous woman connected and shared with me their common obstacle was time management and value. How suiting, last week I discussed personal value on my blog.

I know there are many pulls throughout the day on where to shift your energy and mind to.

I'm going to rattle off just a couple, see if you can relate to a few:

  • Children- love having them around while they are young and want to be around me! But they have commitments too, school, sports and play dates - this is where "Chauffeur Mom" comes in.
  • Entrepreneurial duties- this can be admin, marketing, networking, creating, implementing, scheduling....numerous duties on what this could mean and each will require some amount of energy.
  • Body, mind and soul health - carving out some time for fitness, mind set, journaling, meditation, self development and more
  • Nutrition- meal plan and prepping... Remember food makes us happy and our brain happy!
  • Spouse - connecting with the spouse one on one and giving them the attention.
  • Friends & Lifestyle - having a life outside of your entrepreneurship (yes this can happen!)


Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.
— Albert Einstein


So how do I prioritize my energy and the tasks at hand?

I make lists, and lists and more lists. I then associate my lists with my schedule and create a mini list in my schedule haha. You get it! But why I do this, is so I have the time allocated for the tasks at hand. And scheduling again, I personally LOVE it but not everyone does and I am not talking about that today. Energy is the topic - not scheduling. 

When I make my lists, I reflect on them.

I ask myself:

  • How does this make me feel?
  • How does it serve myself and others?

I do NOT write my lists in sequential order, I write it out to get it on paper! From there, I make the choices on the level of energy I feel around it and the energy it will consume.

Some days, I can accomplish 20 tasks and YAY I have 20 little check marks!! Some days I will accomplish 2 and feel the same way. Either 20 or 2 tasks, what is important is that I give all my positive energy and avoid resistance within the task at hand. When there is resistance or negative energy, it then consumes more of my energy than I ever could of imagined!

And that my friend is when we feel DRAINED!

The energy of someone can be secretly elevating you or bringing you down. And this goes hand in hand with where you place your energy on tasks. For example, I will be honest, I'm not a big fan of doing administrative tasks but at the same time, I know if I sit down saying "Ugh this again" I am going to feel the ultimate struggle of accomplishing it, or may not even accomplish it. But if I shift my energy and say "All right let's see how many women I have helped this week" I know it will be a little bit better and lighter. It's all about the flow of energy and what you give, you shall receive.


Energy is all there is.
— Albert Einstein



4 ways to move forward with awareness of energy levels:

  1. Looking at your list- what jumps out to you and says "this is positive and forward moving"
  2. Prioritize your list on energy needed and allocate a smart amount of time for each task
  3. Look at who may be apart of the task and how their energy is. Are they going to suck the energy out of you? If so, then remove them or yourself from the task. You do not need that negative energy or for someone to bring your positive energy down!
  4. And lastly, make sure to listen to your own body, if you muscles are tired, or you are hungry, make sure to listen to it and give it what it needs. Listening to your body will also reflect the energy you will output.

Happy Energy to You


Feeling Alive