Successful Active Woman Interview featuring Preet Nijjar

My Story:

I am Preet Nijjar, the owner of Studio150 Makeup and Esthetics. I moved to Canada 9 years ago and started working here an there in customer service related jobs but I was never satisfied with my jobs, I wanted to have a business of my own and be my own Boss. I became an entrepreneur after I had my kids because I wanted to stay home and raise my kids myself. And then I realized it was time to turn my passion of makeup into my profession.
It wasn't an easy start specially knowing that I got my early education from India so there was a diversity in my work already. But my work speaks for itself. Now I am proud to say that even though I am based in Airdrie, I have clients who drive from as far as Strathmore and Cochrane every month to come to see.

My Vision

For me its not just a business anymore, it's a dream that I always had and now it's a reality. Studio150 is a home based business but 100% certified, registered and approved by AHS. At first it wasn't easy as my kids are still little but now with yes everything is balanced and I am happy. Its all about managing everything and balancing life, family, health and business all at the same time. It is possible, trust me.


MY motivation

My family, My kids are my biggest motivators. Being mom of a little. My Husband is my biggest
support and critique. He motivates me all the time. Regardless how busy I am I know he is there
whenever I need him. Seeing my work in magazines, getting messages from ladies and my fan following.

That's what motivates me the most.

And last but not the least, I love working out. Exercising is my passion too. If I don't have any
appointments booked and have some time on hand, I grab my water bottle and head to gym.


My family and my clients. :)


"You cant pour from empty cup", it is very true. You need to put yourself first. I wake up every day
an hour early just so that I can go workout, not for anyone else but for myself for my satisfaction. I live a very, very busy life that sometimes I don't even get time to eat but then I remind myself that my health is also as important as other things. I was always bad at eating but now, I am working on it and getting better day by day.

MY website

My website is very professional and simple. It shows my work and makes it easy for clients to be able to book appointments themselves. Theme of my website is basically to show what I can do and show everyone my work.

A sneak peak into my life

I love spending time with my family, I enjoy creating new looks with makeup that's what I do in free
time and I love traveling. Being a businesswoman my schedule is flexible and it allows me to do all that without having to worry about anything. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter and a sister. Sometimes its overwhelming working and playing all these different roles at same time but my passion keeps me going.

My advice for Successful Active Women

The most important person is YOU. Make sure you pay attention to your health too. That's also very
very important. For a successful mind you need a healthy body.

My advice for up and coming entrepreneurs

Never give up. There will be tons of obstacles in your way but keep going. Its worth it.
The path to success is not easy but it is not impossible either. You just need to believe in yourself.

Thank you very much Preet for sharing and inspiring us on how you do balance it all and how you rock at being a Successful Active Woman.


Feeling Alive,