Confident to be vulnerable

When I started Success Coaching, one of my first clients said something powerful. She said "I want to feel confident to feel vulnerable". WOW, isn't that powerful.

Think about that statement for a second.

  • Imagine wearing the outfit you have always dreamed of and not having hesitations on what others think.
  • Imagine attending a fitness class and not caring if you didn't "fit" in or do it accurately.
  • Imagine speaking your mind and being proud of your message and not worrying of others opinions on your message.

Being confident to be vulnerable is partnership between self love and self development.

No one likes to be vulnerable, being vulnerable is uncomfortable. Vulnerability shows the public our authentic and raw self. Remember the movie, American Hustle, Amy Adams has a scene in the movie with no make up on and is a raw mess. She received rave reviews over this scene and many experts in her field actually commended her on her vulnerability. Her acting career went to new levels with that movie and that one scene.

Now, why did the movie elevate her? Because she showed the world her true authentic self, her acting skills and how she can be confident being vulnerable.

I became confidently vulnerable probably at a young age because I truly just wanted to beat to my own drum. Yes society did corrupt me a little as I grew into the position of a Mom and as an Entrepreneur and yes there are still times that I have to put a "face" on. But 8 times out of 10 I will be raw with you and speak my mind and wear the clothes I want to wear. I can say that there are times I look back and second guess myself,  if I had hurt someone or if I had hurt myself. But then I take the time to own what I had expressed and move forward. I then remind myself to always come from a place of serving & love and this grounds me to be confidently vulnerable.

Imagine if you were raw and authentic with the world, how do you think people would view you? Some of the words that come to my mind are:

  • Confident
  • Strong
  • Independent
  • Brave
  • True and Real.
  • Compassionate

I love ALL of those words and I know I look for those qualities in men and women, I look to surround myself, my family and my business with.

To reach that state of authenticity takes time, like I said before. But if you are willing to invest in yourself and believe in yourself, you can be confidently vulnerable. You can state your message, wearing whatever you want to wear and others opinions will no longer matter.

What a beautiful state of mind that would be!

Here are three tips towards becoming confidently vulnerable that I have tried and practice regularly.

  1.  Stating your affirmation in a mirror and staring into your eyes. Such as " I believe", "I am beautiful as I am", "I radiate happiness" and "I am strong"
  2. Journaling about how real you are. How you have owned your choices.
  3. Removing judgment from your mind. (this one takes time, but when a negative thought comes in- kick it out! )

I know to be confidently vulnerable takes time, it takes courage and it takes pain but believe me it will be well worth it.

Feeling Alive,