Friends that are protecting or elevating?

Hello Beautiful Friend,

Today I had this amazing day, filled with connections, painting with my daughter and finished off this evening with a wonderful yoga session. In the spirit of gratitude I thought I would share with you how passionate I am about having a healthy support system.

I am a BIG supporter in having a healthy support system. If you currently don't have one, please reach out and connect with like minded strong active women and create yours! Because, I believe it is critical to your success as an Entrepreneur and active woman. Having that one person who believes in your crazy ways, supports your ideas and asks the question to challenge your goals, dreams and desires.

Today, I was reading a book by Brendon Burchard, the Millionaire Messenger, and he was discussing how having a healthy support system can either protect you or elevate you. I found this portion of this book really interesting. What did he mean "protect me" I don't need protection! Well, as he went a little bit deeper, he discussed when you approach your family and friends about your goals of running a marathon, opening up a business or becoming an independent woman, their responses can be negative to protect us. They want to reel you in and say "stay here and staycomfortable". But as a strong, determined active woman, you will REBEL against that idea and SHOW them how you can get uncomfortable and how you can succeed. What you can do is, respect those members because they are not trying to "rain on your parade" but they are trying to keep you safe from financial, physical and emotional risk. Where as you and I think, there is WAY TOO MUCH to risk if I DON'T FOLLOW MY DREAMS, GOALS AND DESIRES!

This is where you can start to seek the connections that DO believe and support you. This is where you also recognize who is a healthy support system and they will keep your aligned with your values and beliefs.

Moving forward with your goal, do you omit the others that wanted to keep you "safe" or doubted you?

No, you don't have to, but you can choose how to direct your energy with them. Some determined women might find they need those Negative Nancy's to bring them to a new level and show and say to them "HA- I DID IT!"

In 2015, I was elevating my already successful fitness and coaching business to a new level and I made the choice that 2016 was all about MY ENERGY for higher good. For me this meant, not going for a coffee date for no reason, each visit has a purpose, each connection has a relationship and each opportunity I would elevate myself through body, mind and soul. I am now 60 days accomplished and WOW, I have never felt lighter or happier. Each visit I have with a friend has more love and value associated with it. Each connection I do, I am fully engaged and speaking more from the heart and soul. Each learning opportunity I am a SPONGE!!

Since I made this transition, I have had the courage to approach a celebrity personal trainer to service my clients with a new experience, I have hosted seminars that sold out in 2 hours, I have reached out to other life coaches to provide my clients with an Equine Therapy session to elevate them, I have been approached by a Chiropractic office to share my empowering message. ALL BY ONE CHOICE! The choice to connect with men and women that will ELEVATE me and them. And know what, no hard has been done, no friends have been lost, no connections have disappeared, only growth and love has happened.

I would love to hear your stories and how you have taken the choice to surround yourself with healthy support system and how you have redirected your energy with members that wanted to "keep you safe".

Thank you for opening your heart to me,

Feeling Alive,


My Healthy Support system and biggest cheer leader is my husband. He knows when to say "Buck up and get it done" and when to say enough is enough.  I appreciate all his time and patience with me !

My Healthy Support system and biggest cheer leader is my husband. He knows when to say "Buck up and get it done" and when to say enough is enough.  I appreciate all his time and patience with me !