Successful Active Woman Interview, featuring Aimee Avery

Aimee's story:

My husband, our son and myself had just moved home from Alberta to NS to start a new life at home with family. I wanted to get a pt job to help contribute to the monthly bills but was super anxious about leaving my baby so only wanted VERY pt. I started searching out esthetic and laser positions as that’s what I was really good at. I came across an ad of a girl offering laser out of the back of a barbershop inside of the Superstore. I messaged her to see if she may need some help and wondering how busy they were. She messaged me back right away saying she could absolutely use my help and was so super busy.
I started with ‘Lighten Up Laser’ and instantly had my training and laser skills put to work. We grew to 3 locations across HRM in under 2 years and were so busy! This is something woman not only wanted but NEEDED! We changed our name to Enlighten Laser and just kept growing to all over Canada.I was busy doing what I loved and still had plenty of time at home with my bean and our mommy/baby dates and exercises.  We moved back to Alberta in Sept 2011 and I decided it was time to open my own out here as I knew my family time was so important so I was not going to go back to working for someone else.

4 years later I personally run Enlighten Laser Airdrie and have another successful location in SW Calgary to which my business partner runs. Being an entrepreneur and full time Mommy with a hubby that works away, teenage hormonal daughter getting ready to graduate, son in hockey and a 17 month old little busy body baby who refuses to sleep,  life sure is busy but doing what I do and owning my business allows me to make my own hours and manage my busy life.

My day runs smooth offering top notch customer service as that is number 1 and then evenings when my house quiets down I get in my running or my exercise. Weekends prove to be much easier as I can run with the stroller or swim/hike as a family.

Aimee's motivation

My kids motivate me to always stay strong, honest and healthy. I know in order to keep up with them my heart needs to stay young and my mind strong. Diet and exercise is key in our family and I'm always trying to install this in the kids. We are what we eat so our food is our fuel. 
Being raised on welfare back home in NS, My strength comes from always watching my mother struggle and knowing I never wanted that for myself or our kids. I work hard to ensure they have all they need and to also show them how much hard work is rewarded.

I have always believed that your first love MUST be self love because without it, you can never truly learn to love someone else. When I am exercising or just allowing quiet time for myself to just think and reconnect with myself  I learn to function and deal when times are tougher. I always allow myself ‘me time’ for this nights when kids are in bed and hubby is working. We do grow as a family and work towards all as a team but I am the pillar of it all so falling apart is never an option but I am never truly alone in any struggles.


Aimee's vision

We as a Canadian franchise and team wanted our clients to look at our website and know that ALL our technicians are certified and very thoroughly trained/educated. We need people to know we ARE Canada’s leading skin care experts. We are a safe clinical environment where woman can come and face their biggest insecurities and we help make them better. Our website screams professional, educated technicians that focus and specialize in everything LASER.

A little bit about Aimee

Hockey is my passion, baby playdates are my passion, teenage drama is my passion, FAMILY is my passion skincare/laser is my passion and being this crazy busy working mom is my biggest passion!!!!!
Being an entrepreneur allows me to be all these things and still juggle ME comfortably. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

YAY a free weekend,  I'm gonna sit home meditate, exercise then drink wine!!!!!                                                       
   ~ said no hockey mom ever!!!!!!


Her advise to all Successful Active Women, or ones being born now

  • Always take time for you,  to free your mind and focus.               
  • Success roots from true happiness   
  •   Chase the dreams that make you happiest and make them a reality. All words of wisdom I truly believe.                                                                                  


Thank you