Just a little self love and awareness

I just finished up a wonderful coaching session where the client came to me, unsure on what she wanted or where she wanted to go but knew what she was looking for. She was looking for the energy, the motivation, the "get up and go" attitude that she had misplaced over the last couple years. 

We connected in December and worked together, each week just accomplishing little baby steps. I didn't prescribe food or fitness to her because she already had those support systems in place. I effectively guided her to use her resources and tools to move forward. As she did move forward she was noticing little shifts in her body and mind. Workouts were becoming a routine, where as before they were a struggle to "squeeze in". Food was becoming a physical source to fuel rather than an emotional source to hide.  The energy for the family was reignited. 

What did I do as a Success coach? I shared with her how she wasn't alone, there is a solution and how we can be confidently vulnerable together! I inspired her to try baby steps and we created meditations together and a successful plan. By creating a successful plan, a routine was born and a system was in place to fulfill her success, in her mind, body and soul. Like I said I didn't prescribe fitness or food, I prescribed self love and awareness. Being aware of her schedule and when was a successful time for a workout, being aware of her support system and to call upon them. Being aware to notice when things were getting derailed and to reach out! 

Kelsey was so wonderful to work with!! In just 30 days I turned some of my worse habits around and regained control over my life and my diet. 60 days later and I am still on track! I had no idea what a Success Coach could do for me and would recommend her to anyone looking to achieve a goal that seems out of reach. Thank you so much for giving me this gift Kelsey
— LJ

In these moments I find myself abundantly grateful for what my passion is.

Hearing women's stories on how they are feeling currently and where they want to advance to is something that I cherish and respect. I know that it is hard to ask for help because in our minds, to us that means defeat, where as it actually means the exact opposite. It means I want to be more successful. Allow yourself to be more successful, to be more confident and strong.

 I give you permission to create the life you have always dreamed of and will be there for you each step of the way


Feeling Alive,


Kelsey DavidsonComment