Successful Active Woman Interview Featuring Rochelle Ford

My Story:

I grew up as your typical Ambitious kid from Toronto! I loved everything that had to do with girl power, celebrities and fame! When I was 12, I enlisted myself into an Acting class – without my parent’s permission – and persuaded them to help me get an acting Agent once I was done my classes. I was a very optimistic girl, and I just KNEW I was meant for big things… even if I didn’t know exactly what hat would look like. My acting career took off and I was blessed to be featured in numerous films and TV shows including Degrassi! After I graduated High School however, I decided to put my career on the back burner and focus on getting my Post Secondary degree. Fast forward few years, I found myself in a corporate role that wasn’t lighting me up passionately and made me feel extremely miserable. At this time, I had become a mommy to my first son, and got married, but I knew that this 9-5 grind wasn’t cut out for me, especially now that I had a beautiful family that I would rather spend my time with. After a lot of soul searching, failing forward and trying new things, I found my calling in Transformational Coaching and since then, I have been purposefully coaching other millennial mamas to find their life’s calling and pursue it BOLDLY while balancing modern motherhood! I truly LOVE what I do!



My Vision:


My transformational Coaching Business is called Young Mommy Fabulous, which I believe is pretty Self-explanatory! I work with my 1-on-1 “mama-clients”, as I like to call them, on 5 specific aspects on becoming a new entrepreneur: Clarity – on their life’s purpose and true calling in life, Confidence – on finding the woman they were meant to be before having children and exploring her passions and gifts and sharing them with the rest of the world boldly, Mindset – strengthening her wealth consciousness and beliefs around money and success so that she can over come those stubborn blocks that can hinder her success as a new entrepreneur, Business Structures & Systems – to get her foundational pieces of her business rolling and off to a great start and lastly but probably most important, Balance – so that she can successfully balance this new emerging woman with purpose and passion with being a mama!

My clients are typically millennial moms in their 20s to early 30s who are unclear of the woman they are meant to be, possible going through that “Quarter-Life Crisis” stage in their lives, and desire to really discover her purpose and passions as a woman and balance them with motherhood. She wants to create her own passion-based business but needs the guidance, accountability and structure of someone who has already been through the ropes and can help her navigate this new path with ease and flow!


My Motivation:

My motivation is seeing the transformations of my fellow millennial mamas, who are stepping out of their comfort zones and into their highest potential, while being a fabulous mother to her babes! Also my children who motivate me to be a great example of what life looks like when you follow your own path and pursue your dreams! I really enjoy listening to Adele and Beyoncé when I need some pumping up or to get into my “zone”!


My Strength:

My strength definitely comes from my Faith and relationship with God. With it, I would be nothing and could not accomplish anything. The more I build my faith in his word and promised over my life, the more I find myself becoming stronger, more self-assured and confident that I am doing the right things for my life and future.


Self Care:

Self-care is definitely very important to me and my well being as a mommy, wife and entrepreneur! I also got to walk the walk, since I teach my clients to make self-care one of their top priorities also. I have it literally booked in my calendar each week. I like to schedule a few hours each week for the things I enjoy doing and need to replenish my tank and let my hubby and family know that during that time is mommy time and only for emergencies should I be interrupted or called if out of the home. I like to take this time to get a needed body massage, mani/pedi, go to my favourite restaurant with a girlfriend or even just go to our local Starbucks with a good book and take some time to read and sip a delicious hot drink uninterrupted. Heaven!


Website background: 

My theme for my website is pretty much summed up in a few colours and one word: purple, white, black & gold and FABULOUS! It features beautiful photos of me around my favourite city – Toronto, and my two boys and hubby! Also you can find there, my blog which features motivation, take-away tips and mommy inspiration! I also have a link to my Amazon store that features some of my fave personal development books and mommy things! Lastly, it features my signature private programs and how millennial moms, who desire to find their purpose and turn it into a passion-based business as a Mommyboss, can work with me!

Up close and Personal:

So my name is Rochelle! I am an Empowerment & Success Coach to Millennial MommyBosses! I reside in Toronto with my hubby Chris and our 2 boys! I am obsessed with the colour purple (as you can see from my website!), drinking coffee and teas, shopping online and pinterest! Something unique and fun about me is probably that when I graduated from University, I was 21 and 9 months pregnant! I literally had my son a few weeks after my graduation and I am so proud of that fact!

If you were to find me out and about, I would probably be at Chapter Indigo in the “Self-Help” or children’s department!

→ My #1 advice for a Successful Active Woman is learn to DELEGATE! You cannot experience the level of success and well being in life if you try to do everything by yourself!

→ My #1 advice for a Woman Entrepreneur is be where you are at and stop comparing yourself to others who are on their own journey and path. We are all in different places and levels in our businesses and therefore, should not try to compare ourselves with anyone!

Thank-you so much for this interview!


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