Create the schedule, Create the time

We have all heard the saying "Everyone is given the same amount of time in a day, it is what you do with it, that counts!" And another popular one is "The day can run you, or you can run your day"! These saying are both great and both hold a lot of weight to them. But how do YOU interpret these?

I know for myself, being the highly scheduled person I am, I understand and have respect these statements. But for the active woman that leaves schedules unattended or does not schedule in certain time slots, they may feel that the day runs them over. And that my friend, is a feeling no one desires!

But how does the active woman that doesn't want a schedule or doesn't want to plan the day achieve everything in the 24 hours? Or do they? Is everything done with her full attention to detail and full heart and soul in each task? I honestly, would say no. I know some women will dislike me for this but I am sorry, I do not understand how someone without a proper schedule can focus and excute tasks and items with their full attention and heart in it.

Let's flash back to 3.5 years ago, when I wasn't a scheduled maniac, I used to be carefree and using a schedule when it "worked" (side note it never did "work"). As I set up my home fitness studio I had to arrange some time slots and book clients appointments and that was the extent of my "scheduling". Then 3 months in, I was noticing that I wasn't exercising consistently, I wasn't creating time to play, I wasn't putting aside time for adminstrative work. Everything was rolled into the day and to be honest, not everything was getting accomplished to my standards. And this is when my scheduler personality was born!

I started to set aside 2 hours here and 2 hours there and just for little things but important things like working out, playing with the children, hanging out with the husband and administrative work. Then as time progressed I graduated to scheduling every 60 minutes, then as schedule got busier and busier, my current schedule is now every 30 minutes. I know for those 30 minutes I solely concentrate on the task at hand, either a personal training client, teaching a fitness class, coaching a determined woman, crafts with my daughter, science with my son, frozen yogurt time with my husband, whatever it is- I do it with no guilt to other tasks at hand!

To share is to care, and I care for you and your success. I wanted to show you, how I wasn't always a scheduler and how I took the baby steps to become the focused scheduled business Mom. And you can too!

I know it can be a task that not every woman wants to enforce but believe me it has brought me success as Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister, and Entrepreneur of TWO businesses!

When I schedule anything and everything in, I am essentially CREATING free time for me to be ME and do what I WANT to do!

Today I scheduled in an extra 30 minutes for my son's swimming lessons, that gave me the opportunity to take my daughter to a play place and I was able to read some of my self development book. WIN WIN WIN!

Moving forward, How will you create the schedule to put your whole heart and focus into your goals action steps?

Remeber this: Create the schedule! Create the time!

Feeling Alive,