3 Little Tricks to stay focused in a chaotic and exciting weekend!

This weekend brought me a lot of joy from experiencing an amazing boot camp by celebrity Personal Trainer Tommy Europe to connecting with determined business women at a networking event. These two large events created chaos in preparation but the week leading up and the Friday before I was thankful for my FOCUS!

The lists I had going were never ending, I would look at my computer or at my phone and realize, there was ONE more thing to add, or Crap don't forget the 4 extra yoga mats, the back up pair of shoes, snacks for everyone, promotional items laid out and outfits for both days laid out and ready for me to rock! Oh and don't forget I have a 7 & 3 year old I had to carve out time for and a supportive husband that would like to have a bit of a weekend for relaxation.

On Monday morning, I sat back with my hot lemon water and I reflected. There were times in the week approaching the events that I thought, maybe I won't attend the networking meeting. Or maybe I won't attend the Health Expo after the boot camp. But what good could of come of ducking out of something I had planned and anticipated for the week. I was ducking out because I feared I couldn't pull it all off, I feared the Mom guilt, I feared I was spreading myself too thin. Again, as I reflected, I did play with my children, I did have a glass of wine with my husband, I did give 110% at the boot camp and walked around the Health Expo like the Fitness expert I am and did attend the networking meeting and made amazing connections! I was proud of my balancing act while I reflected, but what I also reflected was that YES I was balancing but I was doing it with alignment!

I wanted to share with you 3 quick and easy tricks to keep you aligned and focused while the chaos and excitment is in full swing:

  • LISTS, LISTS AND MORE LISTS, write it down or put it in your phone but create lists! These lists can be very powerful when effectively used. Creating the list creates focus in us, it creates a priority level and an energy level to each task. From there you can focus even harder on the tasks that ask of you right away. And after completing a task there is nothing MORE satisfying then drawing that horizontal line through the accomplished task! On a subconscious level we are actually releasing the happy hormones called Endorphin's early and before the WHOLE list is executed!
  • ALARMS, Yes I know sometimes alarms are rude and can have a negative impact on our mind and body. But how about we create alarms to keep us on track for our meditation, self care, exercise, facebook posts, disconnect time, emails and phone calls. Nowadays you can set alarms with fancy songs, words that appear across your screen and more! It can be exciting to hear an alarm go off!
  • FOOD FUELS THE BODY AND MIND, Yes food is the last point. Food can make or break any goal or day! To keep your mind focused on the task ahead fuel your body with proper nutrition. Again, meal planning and scheduling in breaks to eat are a necessity. Don't give your attention to your tummy's hunger, feed it before and leave it happy!

I truly hope you can start with these 3 little tricks right away and keep focused even in the chaos of being an active woman!

Feeling Alive, Kelsey*