Hello From Costa Rica


Good Morning from Costa Rica,

Over the last couple days, when I have felt the most drained and tapped out physically and mentally, the water works would happen again or I would get a zest of energy. I can not start to explain the unbalanced yet balanced way I have been feeling. I have witnessed it in my husband and my children too. My head started hurting last Thursday and the head rushes started Saturday when we said our first set of goodbyes to our Airdrie home and moved into our friends home. With my spiritual back ground I knew this was my head fighting for us to stay "safe" in Airdrie. It was my head telling me "I'm not good enough" "I can't do this" and questioning me with "Why are you doing this" as all these questions came floating into my emotional, unstable mind, my visions weakened and I was falling victim to listening to the head and not my heart.

Have you ever let your head win?

Well, let me tell you.

It sucks!


I will admit it last night we all had a mental breakdowns and we were all listening to our own head. I remember having this feeling when I was younger and flew to Florida for an adventure and when I moved to Alberta. This move is a bit different as I have more hats to wear, I am wearing the Mom hat, the virtual business woman and the lost yet peaceful woman hat. With all these different hats, different self talk comes into play and different mind set strategies are required.  With all these hats I am learning on how to minimize the negative and give strength to the positive.

Today is a new day, we work up a bit more peaceful and aligned. After breakfast (which was a WIN -dinner not so much), we heard our neighbours talking about a big boa (Mom I didn't send you the photo) Carter and I ran out to see this very full boa snake, he was a few feet long and this gave us more another opportunity to meet more of our neighbours. The snake couldn't move very fast because he just ate a toad they said, that gave us a little taste of seeing a snake on our street and not worrying that he was slithering past us haha! ANYWAYS, it's been those little moments that have brought us back to our WHY, as we are here to show our children these experiences and give YOU and my purpose all my attention and energy. 

Our luggage load in YYC 

Our luggage load in YYC 

As I sit here now, forearms are stuck to the wooden table from sweat, eating fresh papaya, Carter on the other side of the table doing his school work, Bean on the coffee table doing her preschool work, I am very excited to say later today I will be recording my first workout to send to you and share with you! Also excited to start Thursdays Thoughts! Where I will be sharing how to become more aware of our thoughts, how to kick out the negative self talk and give you control into your thoughts. As your thoughts become things.

Thank you very much for your patience as I have been absent through social media and emails. Thank you all for the kind emails and cards, to be honest I haven't read many of them (mentioned above, I wasn't in the frame of mind) I will be reading them over the next couple days and will be touching base with each one of you! 


I can't wait to share with you more of our adventure, fitness videos and my life coaching strategies



Take care

Have a wonderful day feeling ALIVE


My son loving the fresh avocados here

My son loving the fresh avocados here