Give Thanks to Yourself

As Thanksgiving approaches here in Canada, one obstacle I came across when I started my self development journey was giving gratitude to myself. I found it awkward and something I didn't desire to do. It took a lot of coaching (thank god for good coaches! - Brandy Corcoran) and persistence for me to start my gratitude journal and my self appreciation.

Honestly, and still to this day, I hear women say

  • "Do you sleep?"
  • "How do you fit it all in?"

And for me personally, it's not a "Look at what I have done". It's a personal expectation that I have on myself for accomplishing personal and professional success. Do I think I do a lot? Not really, but again this is where the self appreciation comes into play. Now, I do give myself the time to recognize what I have done or what I haven't done. And now,  I feel comfortable to give myself credit on what impact I have made in a day. 

I now, bring this into my seminars and into my coaching sessions to see where you acknowledge yourself and your impact. I have witnessed many women get sweaty, uncomfortable and avoid the subject or devalue what they have accomplished. I know, because I have been there but BELIEVE ME, YOU HAVE AN IMPACT, YOU HAVE A VOICE and you are creating waves of love wherever YOU GO! Giving yourself appreciation, can be one of the most liberating exercises you can do for yourself. 

On this Thanksgiving, as we give thanks to the farmers for the delicious meal and to our family for surrounding us with love. Please don't forget to appreciate and give thanks to yourself. Give yourself gratitude for making it to hockey practice right after work, give thanks to yourself for cooking a fabulous meal, give thanks to yourself for believing and trusting in yourself! 

If you haven't started a gratitude journal, what better day than Thanksgiving to start one! All it takes is a blank book and giving yourself 5 minutes every night to say THANK YOU SELF. Thank you for accomplishing my workout today. Thank you for giving me time to enjoy the finer things in life. Thank you for loving myself! Cherish, value and protect your gratitude journal as if it is your bible of self love.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

create memories and of course,

Feel Alive! 



From My Family to Yours- Happy Thanksgiving

From My Family to Yours- Happy Thanksgiving

Kelsey Davidson