Why change fitness routines?

"Hey I liked that, why did you change it?!"

I hear that often, after changing a woman's program. 

Why do I (your personal trainer) change it? For a couple reasons. 

  1. Your body likes to get comfortable and then slack off! It's not that you were being lazy. You could be working your hardest and sweat is pouring down you. Though the muscles aren't feeling the burn as they did the first couple times they did. Why is that? Because they remember and they have grown to adapt. I like to share the Postman situation here: A postman (back in the day) would walk hours and hours on flat roads. One day he had to walk up ONE set of stairs and he was spent! What happened? His muscles had to work, they were shocked that he didn't stay on flat ground, he had to use new muscles to support going up stairs and mentally he was challenged too. Bottom line change is good for the muscles! Shock is good for the muscles! 
  2. Your minds wander fast. If the workout was the exact same each and every time ... oh my god that would be painful for you, the client and me!!!!! You would disconnect from the work out, your mind would wander, your fitness goals would fade. Motivation would be lost. Injuries would inevitably happen. Stay on your toes with new fitness challenges! 
  3. Results are great and I believe, balance is even better. I love hearing results! I love witnessing them and I am very fortunate because I get to celebrate along side! Each results shows your investment and your determination. After you have reached your result, this is when and why again, I change up the programs. If you were desiring to release 10 lbs and we got there, from there I would suggest lifting heavier to form stronger muscles with a body that is 10 lbs lighter. After you finished a training for a race, I would suggest now to lift weights or add circuits in with more strength training and less endurance training. If you just did a round of heavy lifting, I would switch you into lower lifting and higher reps to work your lungs along side with your muscles. Over training in one specific area can result in overuse injuries and an uneven body. I know as a woman and Mom, I desire a body that is healthy, strong, has endurance and is BALANCED and ready to PLAY with my kids.


*Side note*

[ Each successful program can be done for about 4 weeks, then change is healthy for you and it. Within each program you want to stay consistent with your tempo, reps and sets to stay on the track for your goal! ]


Bringing me back to the roots of it all

You stay active and healthy because it's FUN!

If it wasn't fun, you wouldn't do it. Resulting in NO results. And well that's NOT FUN! That's not why you invested in yourself. 


You invested to get results. Let's get you results!! And now you know my method to my madness!


Have a wonderful day feeling alive,




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