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Wednesday was a day for the record books

 Why? Because it was the first day since we arrived here on November 8, 2016, that we were ALL wearing closed toe shoes. And why were we all wearing shoes? Because we were going on an ADVENTURE! 

Living down here and maintaining a schedule of school and work can be tricky at time, with all the temptations of wanting to explore more and more. As we have learned over the last 70+ days, working more effective and efficient is the best way. This way gives us more play time and more fun experiences.

There are moments of interruptions where we have to run out the door because there are macaws in our back yard, or monkeys in the trees to witness. Nothing is set in concrete. We are thankful for these moments and becoming more adaptable each day.

This week we completed full days on Monday and Tuesday and played all day Wednesday. We did a "field trip" on Wednesday. We hit up the Ocean Ranch Park, south of Jaco on the Pacific coast and went zip lining. 

What a great experience for the whole family. We all stepped out of our comfort zone.

Carter the night before, shared with us how he was excited and nervous. And when we arrived at the park, you could tell Carter was a bit uneasy and also filled with excitement. The guides there were very knowledgeable and we created a trust bond with them.

Mind over matter and we were eager to get going.

They showed me how, I could have my daughter (4 yrs old) on my lap during the zip line (she was double clamped in and all- very safe!)  and another guide (Joshua) took my son (8 yrs old). After the first line, we were all having so much fun! The nerves and uneasy emotions were left on that first platform and we were more than ready, to fly again. We were excited to jump off the platform and act like Tarzan. As we were screaming through the forests of Costa Rica.

The kids each got to do a zip line on their own and they were both on cloud 9 with getting to go alone! Our daughter constantly said "This is awesome!!!!!" Our son would say "Oh wow, cool!"  Hearing the happiness and joy in their voices is something I will always remember. 


As we were experiencing it all, I was questioned myself for a few seconds. Is this really happening? On a Wednesday? Should I feel guilty I'm not at work? Should Carter be at school?

Yes it was happening and NO I shouldn't feel guilty.

We work hard to play hard.

My clients were all taken care, I communicated I was giving myself this day and I scheduled the morning off. Just like if I was back in Airdrie, volunteering at his school. Then I happily went back to playing in the forest! 

AND DOUBLE POINTS on our "Field trip" day the guides shared with us nature knowledge and showed us natural remedies from the leaves and flowers around the path ways. Carter loved the smoking flower, it's pollen looks like smoke when you touch it. He also liked the one that smelled like licorice and is a natural bug repellent. Things he would of never learned in a classroom but is learning on our field trip day. 

Carter heading down one of the zip's

Carter heading down one of the zip's

The day flew by and on our last zip line, which was 650 meters long and took us over a minute to get down, I truly gave thanks to the life we are living. To have this moment with my daughter on my lap. To be flying through the mountains of Costa Rica. Feeling the ocean breeze against our faces. It's truly a gift we are receiving and will pay it forward. 

I would strongly suggest Eco Vida Tours when booking your next adventure experience and check out the Ocean Park facility. Jorge and Joshua created a great experience and gave us beautiful memories- Thanks guys.  

We hope everyone is experiencing life and feeling alive

-The Davidson's


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Kelsey Davidson