Winning Week

I wanted to post a little update on our lives down here and what we have been up to. During my week away at the Run Like A Girl retreat   the family had a great week learning about tad pool, saw a 7 foot crocodile in our river and learned all about the riptides. 

While I was away I was able to invest lots of time, energy and love into my business and myself. I connected with beautiful souls that I know I will keep in contact with (to read a more in detail recap of the retreat read here ) I came back from the retreat on Saturday morning and had a great weekend filled with family moments and hearing the kids stories of their week. 

The kids and Shayne had done numerous walks to the beach and to the grocery store and had managed great with no car. It gave me a boost of "We can do this" seeing how well they did. They also had a strong routine established with school, crafts and play. The 3 of them also started this fun routine of going to the grocery store then enjoying a little Popsicle on the way home. The grocery store is about 1k away and the kids know the strict rules around the walk, since we are walking along a Costa Rican highway! 

While I have been home, we have had many cuddles and great WINS. I had brought back a few local recipes for us to try which went great. We have also been using more local products which have been winning moments for us, like having pineapple jam (so yummy!), their version of "Salsa" which is really like a smoky/spicer A1/HP sauce (awesome on your rice and beans and eggs!) and of course coconut cookies!  We have a lunch time routine of having some sort of fruit like papaya, mango, watermelon or pineapple paired with chips and freshly (Carter) made guacamole. Grocery shopping and living here is becoming easier as we are learning the average prices, learning that it's OK for eggs to be left on the counter and not refrigerator, it's normal to see roots of your vegetables and we usually have 2-3 geckos sleeping over every much as I don't like hearing them...  it does mean no bugs! 

Life is going pretty good!  We have been blessed this past week with no crazy events, like  getting lost, experiencing food poisoning or anything

ANDDDDD I am happy with that.

We really are settling in and THIS is our new normal. 

We have had a few moments where we are reminded of why we are on this adventure.

First one being,  a few days ago when we walked over 8k (just on the beach) and we taught the kids about mangrove trees and they made videos for their classrooms (see below). To see them absorb the information and be excited about the trees, reaffirmed to us, we are on this adventure for all the right reasons.  Second one, was when kids were playing their bedroom and Carter comes out to tell us he could see monkeys out his window! It was pretty awesome to watch these little monkeys hop branch to branch just outside his bedroom window! Again an experience we are proud to share with our children.

Carters video on mangrove trees

Beans video on mangrove trees

Have a wonderful day


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