We are all one unit

This morning, I received a common message as we met with new friends and experienced new things.

The message was "We are all one unit"

Early this morning, we went up to our local Pizza restaurant and did Spanish and English lessons together. The kids get excited to head up and Shayne and I really enjoy our time learning and laughing with our new friends. The thing is, we are all learning together as one unit. Not one person is ahead or behind we are all moving together and having fun! 

On our walk back, we ran into a friend (that speaks very small amounts of English). His old land was taken over and now he has moved his farm across the highway. He wanted to show us his new farm, so we went. We walked down the road to his new place and as he shared with us this unbelievable property filled with fruit trees and rolling hills, he talked about his family. And how it was his grandparents land and how he hopes to build upon it. He said what he likes about his land, is that it's tranquil and it's apart of his family. He told us about his past and the vision he has for future developments to honour his grandparents. The unit of family will continue on in his property. (pictures below)

Down here you will hear "Pura Vida" quiet often and it refers to the connection between nature and family. Making an even bigger unit, for a simpler and a more natural way of life. 

Over the last 4  months (going on 5th) we have felt that we are all one unit (locals and foreigners) Even us four Davidsons have grown a stronger bond. People always ask us about not having a car and about walking every where. We share how walking every where has given us opportunities for conversations we would of never had with our kids, it has given us moments to witness nature and animals, it has given us friendships (we have made friends along our routes). Strengthening our Davidson unit.

Remember you are never alone, you are apart of your family unit and you are apart of nature's unit. As you move forward, you will see you are moving forward with a unit.

We are all moving together as one big unit.

Now, go have an ADVENTURE! 

- The Davidsons

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