Teachable Moments

Back in Canada I had a private fitness group of teachers and bless their heart, they worked hard and always made me smile. They also taught me what "teacahable moments" are. And wow, are we having lots of them down here! 

Here are a few of our teachable moments to inspire you to look bigger than the picture is and to see the opportunities in anything

# 1 Teachable Moment

  • Here's a map-  This morning Carter was looking at the maps we were given when we first arrived here in November. I think the car rental customer service agent was a bit concerned with all out suit cases, car seats and gave us all the maps possible. Nevertheless, we are thankful for them and they were collecting dust until this morning. Carter opened it up and started analyzing it and trying to figure out where we were and the closest hospital and airport. Presenting a "teachable moment"-- Instead of him reading another book he's read and writing 5-10 sentences on it. Create 5-10 sentences from the map he is reading. This also taught him to look at the index box and see what symbols represented hospitals, airports, country embassies (that was a whole other teachable moment) and more. 

#2 Teachable Moment

  • Sunsets here and rises where Uncle is- Shayne's brother has been traveling in Indonesia while we have been down here and usually we are doing the 1 hour or 2 hour time change to call family back home. At first we would explain the difference and they were getting it and now they really get it. With Uncle being in Indonesia, we have been having great conversations of how BIG the world is and how when we wake up to wish him Happy Birthday (Dec 29th) it was night time for Uncle. Or when we see the sunset, it's rising where Uncle is. Between Uncle and us we are showing the kids the time difference and how big the world really is. Another "teachable moment"! 

#3 Teachable Moment

  • Macaws in our back yard -- The other day we were walking back from the beach and heard the macaws in the trees. So there's the four of us on the "sidewalk" with our heads straight up looking for macaws, and man for being BRIGHT red they can be tricky to see at times. Anyways we walk around with looking up for about 5-10mins then get home, shower and heard the macaws really close to us. Shayne goes into the back yard and there they are! In our backyard! A HUGE "Teachable moment" as we learned about their body shape, got to see all their colours up close, saw them peak into our trees and learned one of our tree is some sort of nut tree, maybe almond tree. Watching the 2 macaws in our back yard for 30 mins was surreal. It was literally like in "Finding Nemo" when Marlin says "Coral, honey, these are our kids we're talking about. They deserve the best. Look, look, look. They'll wake up, poke their heads out and they'll see a whale! See, right by their bedroom window". It was one of those moments months ago we thought , wouldn't it be cool to teach our kids moments from living in them? And it was happening. 

These moments have presented themselves in numerous ways and this was just 3 ways on how we are creating "teachable moments" in our experience down here. Moments that I have just shared with you are moments that cannot be learned in a text book, cannot be understood or taught in a classroom. Moments of being aware and responsible of where you are and what you are doing, is essential. Especially down here with new nature, new animals, unregulated traffic, power going out randomly and water shortages at times.

These are life changing moments.

They are moments we hope shape our children into responsible and respectful adults. 

I hope you look for the teachable moment within your day and appreciate what the beautiful world has brought you.

Adventure awaits! 

- The Davidson crew


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