Hasta Luego Costa Rica

This is probably the hardest and most emotionally poured into blog post. 


Because of NUMEROUS personal and professional reasons. (Please read on with an open heart, if you can't then please stop reading.)

{Heads up-Today is my son's birthday, he turns 9, so I'm a bit more emotional than normal.}

I feel the need to share with you what is happening in my personal life. Back in February we decided to rent this place until April, knowing that Easter was coming (prices increase) and felt it was a good fork in the road for us to see where life would go from there. In mid February our son started to express interest in different parts of the world. He asked if we could visit these places on our adventure, we hmm'd and haaa'd over it and the family agreed if business drove us there or could connect us there, then GAME ON. 

The next couple weeks were a whirl wind with visitors here, yet there were connections made.

AND... It happened.

He put it out there, and we are now heading to .....  New York City. (a lesson for us all, just ask and put it out there)

Leaving Costa Rica brings me sadness. I'll be honest, last week I was not in the state of mind to share with you where we were off to because I wasn't in the state of mind to accept where we were off to. My best friend was here a few weeks ago and after a couple glasses of Chilean wine, we got to the root of why I was so upset about leaving here. I felt leaving here was me admitting failure in Alive's potential, where as now I see it as a success of being here. I felt leaving here was me giving up on our family adventure dream. I thought that leaving here people would "talk". (well, by now, I'm kinda used to that one ;) ) All those thoughts swirled in my head and made me resist this shift.

Last night, I sat down with Shayne and we had an open and honest conversation, we discovered that we have simply outgrown Costa Rica. Where we both desire to go personally and professional, Costa Rica isn't our long term fit and that's OK. Costa Rica has A LOT to offer and GOD WE LOVE IT HERE, unfortunately it lacks in other departments for our family and for Alive.

Will Canada have what we desire- who knows? 

I will hold Playa Bejuco very close to my heart and know 100% in my heart, we will be here again soon (November for Alive's retreat!). I appreciate the nature here, the people here and the Pura Vida mind set, is in my heart. I knew leaving Airdrie and leaving the "norm" would be hard and it was. I never thought leaving Costa Rica would be this emotional. 

I know in my heart for myself, my family and for Alive that North America is calling us. I feel Costa Rica gave me the boost I needed and gave the family memories and values we will continue on with. We have simply out grown this part of our adventure and are looking forward to elevating Alive and experiencing more family moments. 

Does this mean our adventure is done? Heck No! 

What it means, is for the time being, we're heading to North America. We arrive in NY city and will do a week there, then head to Arizona for May/June. From there, we honestly don't know. We have a wedding on Vancouver Island mid July and that's one thing I can tell you. 

These next couple days will be emotional as we say Bye to our friends here, the life here and what we have experienced. Our adventure continues, we will continue to home school/virtual school, I will continue to work - we will continue to experience life to the fullest

Thank you for reading this with an open heart, 

The Davidsons


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Kelsey Davidson