Christmas in Costa Rica

Shayne and I have been known for creating our own traditions and being creative in our ways of having fun. This year Christmas was another way to show off our creativity and imagination, down to to our drinks and our chicken roasting dish! 

I won't lie, Christmas had a different feeling. 

On Christmas Eve day we did baking and were very creative with how to prepare cookies and fudge without all the proper utensils and dishes. We did it though! Baking was a success and we dropped off care packages to friends around here. Christmas Eve we watched Elf with our windows opened trying to cool down the house. The kids made a key for Santa, put out food for the reindeer. We asked them to throw  the food away from our front door, we didn't want more animals in our house!

The kids went to bed excitedly and Shayne and I started the wrapping process. Down here, you buy wrapping paper by a sheet. We purchased 4 sheets and it was just enough... we had to get a wee bit creative using construction paper on a couple pieces haha. Since we didn't pack our stockings (I forgot them) we told the kids, not everyone has stockings and Santa provides something for the stockings. It was a surprise what we would be receiving. (We did gift bags)

On Christmas morning, kids called for us, we went to their room and we started Christmas morning. They were excited with the gift bags and I was able to capture some of their facial expressions that make Christmas magical! Santa also left gifts on our front porch. This surprised us all, Mom and Dad included and yes, Mom almost cried. 

Around noon we decided to head down to the beach. Along the way, I bought a couple Popsicles from a local family selling them at the beach. Within a few minutes, Carter was learning how to skim board and doing it (kids pick up so quickly!), Bean was making sand castles and happy as could be! We were all enjoying the beauty that surrounded us.

Just as we were talking about heading back home, Bean got stung by a little jelly fish. In Bean style, she was mad at it. And was her regular tough cookie. We walked back home, put ice on it and she was perfectly fine! 

Her little jelly fish sting (ontop of her foot)

Her little jelly fish sting (ontop of her foot)

Now, here is what I wanted to share with you: Our Christmas Dinner!

Like I said, we did have to get a wee bit creative in our roasting dishes. Shayne bought a chicken breast on the bone for our protein. He did his specialty with the layer of butter, garlic and spices under the skin of the chicken and then rubbed the remainder on top too. He created this roasting dish and put it in the oven.

An hour in the oven and this happened.... which equalled NO POWER for 30 mins

30 minutes with no power!

(Waiting out the storm)

(Waiting out the storm)

This lead us to believe, we are destined to never have Christmas dinner before 7pm in ANY country we live in! BUT--- on the BRIGHT SIDE --- It also gave us the opportunity to freeze a tray of coffee and make coffee ice cubes for our Baileys!

Again, we were tested with our creativity and had to figure out how to "mash" potatoes without a masher. Thank god for all of our guacamole practice and tricks, we were able to use those and made smooth mashed potatoes.

By 7:20pm we were eating our first Costa Rican Christmas Dinner! 

By 8:20pm the kids were fast asleep and Shayne and I were enjoying our Baileys on the coffee rocks celebrating that we pulled off Christmas down here! With new traditions and old ones. 

Things we learned this year were:

  • The true meaning of "Pura Vida" 
  • Christmas truly comes with magic
  • Even Mom and Dad can be surprised on Christmas morning from Santa Claus's 
  • No matter where we are in the world, Christmas comes with family, love and memories.
  • Next year - we start making dinner at breakfast and try to eat at a reasonable time! 3rd year in a row eating past 7pm due to power issues! 
We hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
Thank you for being apart of ours! 


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Kelsey Davidson