A sneak peek into our food

We just had our first set of visitors leave and before they arrived we thought "What are we going to do for food??"

Canada or Costa Rica, everyone thinks about food when you have visitors! Either you're planning a dinner party for your visitors or you're planning for the week they are here.  Nevertheless, you're planning. And down here planning is a wee bit different.

 1 - We eat quiet a bit different and are more creative and intentional with our meals. Meal planning can go for 3 days, because you don't know what produce you will have in the store in 3 days time. 

2- We don't have a car, if we forget something we walk 1k to the store and 1k back. It's not much- but it sure does make us double check we have everything before we leave the store. Shayne and I laugh saying "Remember the good ol' days, where we would just hop into our truck and grabbed the one thing we forgot at the store and it took us less time than us walking now".

3- Fruit and vegetable turn quick down here with the heat, we usually need to shop every 2 -3 days because we run out of fresh fruit or vegetables. On the flip side -it's great we are eating more fresh fruit and vegetables! 

The couples days before our visitors arrived, we made sure to soak our beans, making sure we had lots of beans on hand, for burritos, beans and rice and whatever else. We made sure we had our fruit for the next 2 days and an extra water container in the fridge. 

Our guest were really laid back which was appreciated.  They loved the meals we provided and liked the way we shopped and ate. Now, here's your opportunity to see our meals down here. 

sneak peek into our daily food

Breakfast - Eggs (great down here - bright orange!) with toast and pineapple or guava jam/ Kids get cereal every so often/ Oatmeal and sometimes we put apples in it/ Pancakes (yes we do Aunt Jemima box pancakes some times!)

Snack- Fruit (apple/pear slices with cinnamon) or toast with jam 

Lunch- Fresh fruit like pineapple, mango, papaya, watermelon and then the kids make fresh guacamole. We serve that with chips and we are set. Everyone gets a fork and we all dive in. Sometimes Shayne makes fresh brushetta with the fresh bread from the stores, it's delicious and again paired with fresh fruit.

{Kids decorated our table one afternoon}

{Kids decorated our table one afternoon}

Snack- Fruit, veggie cut up or Toast 

Dinner- Cassada - Costa Rican dish of rice and beans all mixed up, carrots, peppers and onions mixed with a tomato sauce / Burritos with fresh guacamole, rice, beans and salsa all wrapped up inside/ Greek salad side dish with any of the above/ Pasta, sometimes we do pasta like back in Canada but 90% of the time it's vegetarian/ Eggs and hash brown potatoes (home made)/ Egg fried rice with veggies inside/ Once a week usually, we walk to our pizza place and get a pizza for our family movie nights.

Snacks - Sometimes we have popcorn or cookies (coconut or chocolate are our fav) 

We only drink water unless we are out at a restaurant then we have a pop, and its served in a glass bottle -- super cool! Shayne and I drink a cup of coffee in the morning, it's true what they say about Costa Rican Coffee - it is the best! We try to only drink water - hydrating our body is very important down here.

Here in Costa Rica, there is a connection from ground to mouth. As much as we tried in Canada to eat organic and be intentional with what companies to buy from and where to get our meat, it doesn't even come CLOSE to the connection we have with food now.

When your cilantro is wrapped in saran wrap with roots and all, you know its been hand picked. When you see bruises on your fruit and vegetables, it shows that the food is still good, it doesn't need to "look perfect" to fuel your body. When your friend climbs up a tree to give you a star fruit it shows how natural and beautiful life is. 

Some days, we eat close to Canada with our pizza nights or our pasta nights. What has truly changed is our connection to food and the experience with food. We sit down to experience food as a family, we prep the meals together, there is no rushing out the door for this and that, we share meals and we sit down and talk while we eat. We eat slower, we absorb it and we enjoy the full start to finish experience of our meal. 

Are you hungry now? 

Have a wonderful day

- Davidson's

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Us in Uvita in December 2016

Us in Uvita in December 2016