Damn You Green Day!

As I sit here in my hotel room in Edgwater New Jersey I wanted to share with you a few funny moments of our last few days in Costa Rica. 

It was emotional to say the least, to say bye to the friends and the nature was WAY harder than I ever imagined. Friday was a bit surreal, we had lunch with our friends and after wards we went for our walk to the market. Carter kept saying "I can't believe we are leaving Playa Bejuco", Shayne and I were both like "yeah bud, it is". We kept asking him, "Are you ok? Are you sad? What's up?" He's like "No I'm excited but it also feels weird" I think this good bye had such mixed feelings that I even had a hard time comprehending it. I couldn't imagine what his body and mind was going through. 

I finished teaching my live class at 845am and started cleaning up for the last time. Shayne arrived with the rental car around 9am and suit cases were in the garage ready to go (good wife moment!). We were out the house at 9:59am, had to be out at 10am, did a high 5 to that! Dropped our keys off and chatted with our property management team for a bit, then headed to the beach to meet up with our life guard friend, Louis. We took him a bag of hand me downs from Bean. His daughter is 2 and we got to head to his house, she was so excited to have a new Minnie Mouse shirt! The cutest little girl!

See you later Playa  Bejuco.

See you later Playa  Bejuco.

Then we headed to our pizza shop and dropped them off a fan we had bought for our place. We were in the kitchen a few weeks ago with them and it was hotter than their pizza oven in the kitchen! We asked why no fan, and they were like "it's ok, pura vida", we thought differently and gave them our old one! As we were leaving the pizza place and driving to our market, less than 100 meters away (yes we drove it) the classic graduation Green Day song came on. Carter pipes up in the back seat "We did have the time of our lives" Well, the water works came! As we said bye and got a couple snacks for the road, we were ready. 

On the drive up we played this fun "game" where we each went around in the care and shared what we had learned or a funny moment. I shared with my Alive family members a couple of them, so I will share with you a couple too. 

Nora - Jellyfish can sting you (haha yep, Christmas day she was stung)

Carter- Everything wild life and nature, to the white faced monkeys throwing iguanas, to the different types of coconuts and fruit readily available to pick, to the macaws and their squawk and the caterpillars that can be poisonous. Everything wild life and nature.  

Shayne - How you can have a conversation and it's 90% charaids 

Mine- Pura Vida... Life is good, life is beautiful, living together as one with friends, family and nature. The pure life. 

Car is packed!  We're off! 

Car is packed!  We're off! 

On our way up to Liberia we stopped by the Crocodile bridge, a must to do, for one last Haste Luego time! 


We arrived in Liberia, drove around for a bit. Grabbed Quizno's (I know such a foreigner thing to do) The next day we woke up and adventured around the city, not too much to see, but we had  a great walk and saw a beautiful church. Also got to enjoy Pops one last time! 


That night all of us were pooped, emotionally and physically. We packed up, kids went to bed early and Shayne and I sat outside the room in these beautiful hand crafted wooden chairs. As I was getting bitten alive, because Costa Rican bugs LOVE me, we sat in silence. Costa Rica could not of given us the better start to this adventure. Could not of set the foundation for our family any better and for that we are forever grateful for our experience.

Bags all under 50 lbs -- WIN!!!!!

Bags all under 50 lbs -- WIN!!!!!

We arrived at our hotel here and dropped our bags off and what did we do? 

We went for a walk.

We explored.

Like we always do. And we got to see the Manhattan skyline, what a sight! Even though it was 10pm at night, us Davidson's did we what do best, go for walks and experience LIFE! 

Thank you for all the well wishes and support.

We appreciate it! 

Now, we're off to explore


- The Davidsons! 

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Kelsey Davidson