Life is a roller coaster

Get ready for a new ride with the Davidson crew! We are on a roller coaster of adventure and gearing up for a new one in April. 

Life is a roller coaster, it can take you here and there and I believed this when we lived in Canada. But I feel the roller coaster was lead differently in Canada than in Costa Rica. The economy and hectic schedules drove our roller coaster in Canada. Here in Costa Rica the roller coaster is more spiritual and emotional, challenging us to live more authentically and trusting in ourselves. 

We have learned a couple key facts about our family over the last 5 months that made us stronger individually and as a unit.

One of our tools is how we cope in our downward spiral on the roller coaster. 


This is our quick and deep cure...

us 4 living the PURA VIDA life

  • Us 4 heading down to the beach, walking along the dusty roads and enjoying random conversations and belly laughs. 
  • Us 4 speaking freely with no judgement.
  • Us 4 opening our hearts more to animals, culture, people, life and each other.
  • Us 4 realizing we are limitless with our dreams.
  • Us 4 having a stronger connection with nature and the circle of life. 
  • Us 4 absorbing and appreciating each moment.
  • Us 4 walking along the empty beach realizing how BIG this beautiful world is.
  • Us 4 sharing goals and new adventure suggestions. 
  • Us 4 being authentically us. 

Our walks and open conversations are what bring us to a level ground while on our roller coaster. Giving everyone in our family a voice, giving everyone the respect and time to express themselves how they feel. 

Currently, we are in the mix of having birthday's and planning our next adventure. We are having lots of open conversations with our children. Allowing them to share with us what the miss about North America, what they like about Cost Rica and where they would like to visit and why they would like to. They both have voiced their opinions and to be honest Bean just wants to be back in Airdrie with certain friends and toys. Carter is missing his bikes and friends but he has also shown interest in certain areas. We decided to put it out into the universe for what he was interested in. We feel, if he feels called to go somewhere and has done the research -- Why not trust him and allow him to lead the next adventure? We are proud to say that he has led the next short adventure. 

In the next couple weeks we will embarking on another roller coaster and this one is lead by trust and me being confidently vulnerable. I'm sure we will have our up's and our down's and no matter what, we have us 4 and our PURA VIDA lifestyle! 

Keep a close eye out over the next couple weeks to find out where our next adventure roller coaster is! 

Have a great weekend

The Davidson's


Kelsey Davidson