Weekend sunrises, weekday doctors visits

Over the last couple weeks, life here has been more and more normal. My work routine has been in a full swing. My running routine has been normal, thanks for my running friends :). Carter's school has been consistent and Shayne has been submitting assignments for school. And Bean, well she's been colouring away and becoming quiet the artist and soccer player. 

On Friday morning I went for my run and man it was beautiful, the water was calm and the tide was out. It literally was like a post card photo. I mentioned to Carter when I got home, if he wants to wake up early on Saturday we will go skim boarding when it has perfect conditions. 

There he was beside my bed at 5:45am, ready to go skim boarding. We grabbed an apple and a banana and were at the beach by 6:15 am. It was surreal watching the sun rises and reflect on to the sand like a mirror. Truly surreal. He had a blast and after a hour or so we decided to head back home and have breakfast and hang with Shayne and Bean.

Video of him skim boarding --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8CekUhGsPMtaUYzUEFRRVFYYWM/view?usp=sharing



A few hours later we were back at the beach and one of the locals allowed my daughter to borrow a bucket and she was beyond happy. She was building sand castles all around us.  A solid day of 2 beach visits and 2 pool visits and we were having our Saturday night routine.

Later on, on our way back from walking to get pizza, we saw a 6 -7 foot crocodile laying on a fallen tree in a river near our place. Again, I question, "is this for real?"

What an exciting day for all!!! 

We have established a fun Saturday routine, of getting a special drink (pop or juice), popcorn, pizza (we walk up to the Pizzeria and bring it home) and we have a movie night. It's a lot of fun for the family to anticipate this night together and experience it. Last Saturday we watched "Diary of a Wimpy kid", because Carter had recently finished that book. We were watching it for him to show off his first novel and also for him to learn the difference between a book and a movie... yes we can be tricky like that muhaha.

On another experience, yesterday Shayne had an eventful day.

He woke up with a painful ear ache and knew it was an infection. He decided to go to the clinic first thing, he went to our friends office where he called him a cab and he headed to the local clinic. When he arrived, language was a bit of a barrier on signage but he found his way and saw a doctor pretty quick.

He said the facility was clean, professional and well equipped. The doctor was very helpful and gave him a pain medication shot right away. The whole process was stream lined, he saw the doc, the doc prescribed him medication, he walked off and dropped the prescription request, and then waited for the prescription to be ready. All within one facility. Some facilities in Canada have this, we didn't in our back home and it was really nice. One stop shop.

Shayne had to go to the local town (Parrita) to get money out to pay for the health care service. They said they give 5 days without interest, then they start charging. Which we both believe is an effective way of a health care system, it was a "treat first" service. While he was walking to the closest town our local Pizza baker pulled over and offered him a ride. People are beyond nice here! Beyond nice!  From our weekly pizza nights we have got to know him, as in, we say two or three sentences together in our Spanglish and that's it. For him to notice Shayne walking along the side of the highway AND offer him a ride, shows the level of care the locals have here for everyone. So Shayne and our pizza baker went to town together, got banking done and our Pizza baker did his run around. They met up later on, swung by the clinic and headed back home. All in all a wonderful experience from a horrible ear infection. The medication Shayne has received too is working and he is starting to feel a wee bit better. No pool for him for a few days! 

We are moving in a few weeks to a new community where we will have a bit more room for our company arriving and have mentioned how much we will miss the community we are in now. Literally we are moving across the road, so we will see all these wonderful people regularly and will still keep our pizza routines. Let's be honest, the pizza routine is a MUST. We are very fortunate to have had the support and love in this community over the last 2.5 months. We look forward to the next 3 months in the next house and meeting more people, building on our friendships down here and giving back. 

Have a wonderful day, experiencing life where ever you may be! 

- The Davidsons


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