Oh, that was a snake. oh that was a croc. oh that's a gecko on my shoulder...

The adventures we have down here are quiet comical. Hitting bugs off the ceiling with a broom, hitting bugs with wooden spoons, finding geckos in unexpected spots and more. Not all the time is it with an animal but over the last couple days I feel like it has been. 


A few days ago, the kids and I went for a walk and looked in the river (as we always do, just in case there is a cool animal) and we spotted something, not sure if it was a snake or a pile of mud... still unsure. We kept our distance and moved on. Then yesterday, Shayne took the kids to the beach and Carter pointed out something in the ditch, Shayne looks a bit closer and oh it's a croc! Just a baby, 3 foot long crocodile, "maybe a  Cayman crocodile" our neighbour said to ease us, in my mind - a croc is a croc! Nevertheless, this is why we walk in the middle of the road, this was in the ditch aka the sidewalk. Then this morning Shayne was being a great husband and started the coffee and oatmeal for us, and while doing the morning routine a gecko jumped on his shoulder. Thank god his, I would of screamed probably. Let's be honest here!  

These experiences make us laugh and create a fun memory. 

Last night we had another new experience and we tried Yuca. It's like a potatoe but more paste like. It's almost a combination between a regular russet potatoe and a white yam. It can go either way, sweet or savory and can actually be turned into soap (the paste and film on the pots we cooked in, were coated!) The family liked it, we did it as a test run for Christmas dinner. And it WON! 

We have had lots of people ask us what are we doing for Christmas down here, and Christmas for us is all about 3 things, Food, Drinks and watching our kids expressions! 

I thought I would share what we have planned out for our Christmas down here.

We brought a couple presents down here with us  for the kids, brought Santa's plate, brought Santa's key and what we are doing for Christmas dinner, will be similar to Christmas dinner in Canada.

We are doing:

  • Chicken filet
  • Cranberry sauce (don't ask how much that was :( )
  • Stuffing
  • Potatoes or now Yucca
  • Bread/Buns from the bakery
  • Carrots

We have planned out our Christmas baking and WOW did we need to get creative there. Try to "bake cookies" without using your oven or baking dishes or containers to keep baking fresh. Our home isn't equipped with baking dishes like 9x9 pans or tupperware. 

 Our game plan is to make

  • No- bake coconut chocolate cookies
  • Costa Rican coconut/graham cracker/caramel fudge
  • Rice Krispie squares made with cocoa krisps instead of Rice Krispies, couldn't find Rice Krispies
  • And then we bought what looks like coconut butter tarts and they are in our freezer until Christmas day

Now to find a small bottle of Baileys and we are set! Currently we can only find a one liter bottle.

As some of you saw, we made a Christmas tree and we have lots of home made decorations up in our home. We are making it as festive as possible and the kids are very excited for Santa to visit our home here in Costa Rica. 

We hope everyone has a great Christmas,

filled with love and laughter!