I can't believe we just bought "I can't believe it's not butter"

As we adventure day in and day out there are a couple things the kids have missed and we have missed too.

Two days ago we saw these great tomatoes and had it in our head Toasted Tomatoe Sandwiches, one of our favourite weekend lunch items. We went to the bakery and got delicious bakery whole wheat bread, then went looking for butter. Now, as we were looking for butter we were all getting a little short with each other (I'll be honest) and it's HOT in the grocery stores here. Back to it, so here we are a little snappy and discussing how are we going to keep butter a solid in our cupboards or not rock hard in our fridge. As we figure it out, kids are done shopping, we want to eat these sandwiches and we just say "SCREW IT" and we bought the "I can't believe it's not butter" butter. Shayne and I have views about margarine and have avoided it like the plague for years upon years. We just think its a chemical shit storm. Yet, to make life a  wee bit easier we just saw "screw it" Ever have those moments?

I have! I am a big advocate on picking the proper fight, especially as a Mom and business owner. 

Today, we had our toasted tomato sandwiches at lunch at our outside dinning room table and I am happy to report they were delicious! 


Yesterday we spoke with a couple locals and they mentioned waking up early and catching the monkeys. We got up around 7am, out the door by 730 am and started walking around. We walked around the community, walked to the pool and still no monkeys. But thought hey its beautiful out, lets keep walking, we walked out of our community along a dirt road and headed for the beach. Along the walk to the beach we saw lots of iguanas and we saw a big tucan perched on a tree, it was our second encounter with them. It was pretty awesome!

We got to the beach and just walked. Shayne and I didn't talk too much, we walked while the kids ran, built sand balls (instead of snow balls) and picked up shells. It wasn't that we were upset at each other or not in the mood to talk, I think we were both in this kinda shock felling, that this is our life right now. It's not forever. Yet in this exact moment, having the whole beach to ourselves (we walked almost 6k and saw 4 people pass us). This feeling of joy and nerves flew over us. As it comes by once a day in moments of bliss or sadness. The feeling of the "should be's". 

Are we sure we "should be" doing this?

Are we sure we "should be" working online in another country?

Are we sure the kids "should be" home school/virtual schooling it right now?

"Should" we be happy sharing this adventure with the world, or do people think we are assholes for doing it. -- haha

All of these "should be's" come up, like I said probably once a day, and then we discuss it all and bring each other back to our big dreams and our vision. Now that we are down here, our vision is evolving as we knew it would be, and who knows where or what it will evolve to.  Each and every day I consciously tell the "should be's" to screw off and allow me and my family to learn our new boundaries and learn our new way of life. Yes- may seem a bit crazy talking back to yourself, ah well... I don't really care, it's a system that is supporting me! 


Tomorrow, I am heading off on a Run Like A Girl retreat and Shayne will be in our new home for 7 days with no cell reception and only WiFi. And I will only have WiFi sporadically, not consistent at all. Of course there are nerves involved in this trip. I am nervous about the whole retreat (me presenting too), getting to San Jose on a bus by myself and figuring out my side. I am nervous about Shayne and the kids. I have never left the kids for more than 2 nights and here I will be gone 6 nights. Yes we are both a little nervous, as the same time we both believe that being nervous is OK. And usually when we are nervous AMAZING SHIT happens! And thinking about it, it's more like making a drink 1/3 nervous 2/3 excited. 

Wish us luck over the next couple days and we will be thinking of all of you! 

Feeling Alive


Our home 

Our home 

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