The HOW, WHAT AND WHY of all of it!

As we have been more vocal these past few days as where we are now but haven't shared with you HOW we have done it or WHY we have done it or WHAT THE HECK are we doing?! 

Today, I am sharing with you all of it! 

In August 2015, we put our house on the market as my husband had mentioned that the market is going to turn soon so why not!? Me, being supportive I followed suit. I was VERY resistant to this decision but he has trusted me in pivotal moments and I have trusted him so we did it. Then as the house was on the market we started to discuss, where would we go, what would we do and how would it all look. 


A few months passed, our house still hadn't sold and the market had DROPPED... as I was listening more with my heart now I earned my certification in Life Coaching, and then hired a high end Life Coach to show me the HOW's. As I discovered, the HOW's were never to be discovered they were all within me and my husband. What my Life Coach did show me was how to move forward and lead with my heart each and every day. Follow more of my heart and less of my head. 


In February 2016 we took our house off the market, by this time my husband and I had BIG DREAMS of moving abroad, showing the kids more culture and living more freely. When the for sale sign came off the lawn, I struggled with how I was "giving up" on my dreams, on our dreams. This is when my dear friend Sarah gave me a picture of the world. And she wrote out numerous luggage tags that all had the words: world, friendship and love in them. Within a couple weeks we painted a wall and hung the photo up as a constant reminder as the dream was still there, it was just on hold. 


Each and every night my husband and I would sit on our bathtub ledge, discussing the day, I'd write in my journal and we would do the "what if" game. During spring and summer in 2016 my husbands job was unstable, every few weeks he would come home saying "Lay offs are coming" and every Friday he would walk in the door and I wasn't sure if we were cheersing to him having a job or staying home with the kids! We were lucky and we would cheers to him still having a job. I am very thankful my husband is talented in his profession and was never given the pink slip during the Alberta recession. As we looked at countries to relocate to the main driver was the lifestyle we wanted to change. If we were to do Australia or Scotland for his profession - he would still work 40-60 hrs a week and life would be very similar to Alberta. If we were to do somewhere completely different, life would be completely different!  This is where we started to look at Costa Rica. 


We had friends that had relocated to Costa Rica and they were very helpful in guiding us, I also had made connections with Run Like A Girl and had signed up for their retreat (which is coming up on Friday!) When I signed up for Run Like A Girl, I also stepped outside my comfort zone and asked if I could do mindful discussions at the retreat. They agreed and I am very excited to announce this will be my first international speaking event. Each time I stepped out of my comfort zone I was welcomed with new discoveries. I also stepped out of my comfort zone and reached out to a TV celebrity and Personal Trainer and asked him how I would train my clients virtually. He set me up with an app and I have been able to train over 20 women using this fitness tool. My ALIVE family members are loving the flexibility of the app, the accountability and how it is all personalized to THEIR BODY and THEIR GOALS! For more information on my personalized Fitness service check out Fit Can Be Fun. 


Again, I stepped out of my comfort zone and was rewarded. 


In Aug 2016 our house was back on the market and we had a more clearer vision. We started fresh with everything different, our minds, our realtor, our privacy, our visions! At the end of Sept we had an offer and by Nov 6th we were out of our Airdrie home with home and vehicles sold, storage locker filled and us with 5 suitcases, 4 carry ons an 2 car seats! We had a great amount of support and help from our friends and family in Airdrie and couldn't of accomplished all we did without them (Thank you xoxo) We boarded the plane Nov 7th with puffy red eyes from crying non stop for hours and with hopes that we are doing "what's best"


In our first few days we have had up's and down's and turn around's! We have had BIG WINS of seeing a tucan and a boa outside of our home and BIG LOWS of crying in a grocery store parking lot! Life is about embracing all these moments and when living at a fast pace you can sometimes disregard them and push to keep moving forward. Where as now, we are slowing down and giving ourselves time to cry, time to laugh, showing our kids we don't know what that vegetable is, we don't know how long we will be in this country and we are all learning together! 


We have created a routine where we go for a walk in the morning, then work for 2-3 hours on school and crafts while I invest my time and energy into my women's coaching business while serving women with fitness and life coaching! It has been amazing to witness my family working together towards and with my big dreams! For more information about my programs please contact me at

I will keep sharing and inspiring with this blog page, sharing a few of the craziest and honest moments as possible! 

Thank you for all your support and encouragement!