100 days in Costa Rica

Can you believe it, we hit 100 days in Costa Rica?!?!

We can't.

It still seems a bit odd that we have missed the snow, that our kids are being home schooled and that we are living somewhere that hits 30 degrees by 10am! 

When we arrived we knew that we had to leave the country before 90 days, this is a country regulation. All visitors can only "visit" for 90 days, then you leave the country and go through customs again, and receive another stamp for 90 days. We were fortunate that the universe lined up and we planned our annual Mexican Family vacation leaving the country at 87 days! CRAZY coincidence eh! 

At the end of January, we headed to San Jose for a night, then went to Puerto Vallarta. Not even leaving the Puerto Vallarta airport, our life took a wild turn. EVERY Women's bathroom in an airport has a line up! EVERY! Anyways, Bean and I were in the bathroom line up and over heard a couple Moms talking highly of their children winning third place at a Basketball tournament and naturally I strike up conversation with them. They share their children's achievements and I share with them what I do. As we wait, they share with me about their International school. Hmmm.. I start to think... it sounds really cool.. sounds like a school I would like for my children... 

I come out of the bathroom and share with Shayne how I met these Moms and blah, blah, blah. But who knows where the school is in comparison to our 3 days at the Holiday Inn, so life carries on. 

That night, out of curiousity, I check out where that school is. Well, I could see their track from our hotel room... it was LITERALLY that close! Shayne and I discuss and think, there's no harm in checking it out. The next day we take a walk over there. LOVED THE SCHOOL. I loved it. We set up an appointment for them to get assessed later that week, depending on vacation plans.  And wheels are in motion. 

What would living in Puerto Vallarta look like? What would the cost of living be? Where would we live? And so forth... questions upon questions... 

Anyways, 3 days later and we are READY to SEE OUR FRIENDS! Ready to hit the All Inclusive and VACATION! We had some Davidson hic cups

  • Beans back pack was left in the taxi cab, but he later returned it, thank god BOTH POOH'S were in there!! Life carries on.
  • Shayne lost his wallet, cancelled credit cards and such (VISA sent us one to the resort!) only to find out 3 days later, it was in my bag... opps. Life carries on.
  • First hour into the pool and Bean gets stung by a bee, just her luck. She cries for a few minutes and back in the pool. Life carries on.

After 24 hours of hic cups we were ready for a great vacation and we did have a GREAT VACATION!!!  

We had flight connections in Mexico City and I love airports, for the feelings of them and the artitecture. Anyways Mexico City is NOW on my Top Favourite airports. The layout was great and had all this natural light. It was refreshing. (Sorry picture is a bit blurry, but you can see all the little pot holes that allowed sunshine to naturally light the airport)

On the way back to Costa Rica, we were in the customs line and the people ahead of us didn't have their shit together. Shayne and I are pretty organized with paper work and passport, and try to talk to border agents as little as possible. The less they know the better. Anyways, the people in front of us got turned away from the customs agent (they were also pretty snotty about it), he calls upon us 4 and doesn't ask a question. STAMP STAMP STAMP STAMP and we are here for another 90 days.  Message to this paragraph-  have your shit organized and be friendly

We got to our new home the next day, not before stopping at the Crocodile bridge (River Tarcole) check out more here 

The new home is great, more room which is nice. Kids still share a room with two single beds, lego everywhere, stuffies everywhere and fox posters on the walls. We have a spare room, which I'm currently using for my office and shortly when we have visitors, this will be their room.  The pool is unbelievable and Bean learned how to swim yesterday with NO LIFEJACKET big win for us!

Our latest and craziest event was when there was a FULL SIZED iguana hiding behind my night stand table..... that was fun. Shayne could hear clawing and was wondering where it was coming from. All he could see was these claws... then grabbed me, which I was video calling with a friend, my friend Brooke got to witness it all. Anyways with a bit of strategic planning, with a couple brooms we hustled him out of our room and so far, nothing else has snuck in. We did have our doors open trying to get air flow, we figure he came in that way.

 Another experience to add to our library! 

100 days in Costa Rica is mind blowing!

How have we already been down here for 100 days?!


To simply put it, time flies when you are having fun. And we've been having FUN! 

Top 10 things of our first 100 days in Costa Rica we LOVE

  1. The people here are beyond nice!! Locals and Expats, all very nice

  2. The heat is ON and before the morning routine can start, windows need to be opened and air needs to be circulated before any conversation or breakfast will happen
  3. We love Casada (its a local dish)
  4. The wildlife is something else, monkeys by our pool (oh, that happened a couple days ago!), birds, iguanas, all of it! 
  5. Walking to the grocery store, you become familiar with what is heavy and what is not. You prioritize what you are buying based on everything else needed that day and weight! 
  6. The medical system is comparable to Canada
  7. It is a very conscious country with certain regulations put in place to be one of the "greenest countries". With that, electricity is expensive. Buying a car is expensive.  Shipping stuff in and out is expensive 
  8. Food is sold just as its packaged from the farm, the eggs are kept on the shelves (not refrigerated), the cilantro and any spices you buy fresh are wrapped with saran wrap with the roots and all, just like Grandma would of given them to you, the bananas are in a massive bunch or all individual, chicken filet is the whole chicken filet, no ordering 1 and getting on the left. Ordering 1 is the chicken filet of that chicken
  9. Costa Rican coffee is the best coffee, and this is coming from a NON COFFEE drinker in Canada! 
  10. The feeling of Costa Rica is truly Pura Vida, we didn't understand it when we first arrived but now we truly feel it. The feeling is "To live a simple, peaceful and uncluttered life with a deep appreciation for family, nature, and friends. A "real living" that reflects happiness, well-being and satisfaction." 

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Cheers from the Davidsons