Kelsey Davidson

{I remember being that age and wanting to drop out, wanting to give up, wanting to not fail - But I kept going! And because I kept going, I have a deeper understanding and respect for those friends that stayed along side of me, the friends that supported and cheered me on, and have a greater respect and understanding for hard work, determination and failure. Failure is not a bad thing. It's a gift. It teaches us more than success.}

Welcome the Alive Ambassador Program

I'm excited to share with you that I will be hand selecting each one of  Alive Ambassadors. She will have shown me her passion for fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. Each ambassador will display strength, dedication and her very own commitment to feeling Alive, Strong & Fearless.

There is currently 2 roles needing to be fulfilled :
Alive WOMAN Ambassador + Alive YOUTH Ambassador

Each Alive Ambassadors are placed to encourage others to reach higher, lift heavier and truly show  how to live Alive, Strong & Fearless. 


To inspire  girls and women to live and feel Alive, Strong & Fearless through lifestyle, fitness and motivation.

To educate and share with Alive Family members how to live an Alive Life.

To show them their inner strength and to be an active support system for all Alive Family Members, 6 years old and up.


Be an active Alive Ambassador in your community.

In return, I'll support your community by attending or hosting events for your sports team, women's seminars or community events.  


Kelsey speaking to a girl running group at a local school

Kelsey speaking to a girl running group at a local school

“By the age of 14, girls are dropping out of sports at twice the rate of boys, according to the Women’s Sports Foundation.

And by age 17, after most girls have gone through puberty, more than half of girls — 51% — will have quit sports, according to Always
— —

I share to inspire, that every girl and woman can feel ALIVE, STRONG & FEARLESS.

  • They can be ALIVE, by making choices that make THEM HAPPY! 
  • They can be STRONG, by believing in themselves! They can race, run, compete faster, stronger and higher when they believe they are STRONG (inside and out)! 
  • They can be FEARLESS, by realizing that there is GREATNESS on the other side of FEAR. And show them ways to overcome and kick the negative self talk to the curb!


Interested in becoming an Alive Ambassador?

Check it out!

What I ask of the Alive Ambassadors?

  • Represent Alive, with your Alive, Strong & Fearless Gear in your community and at sporting events
  • Engage/Co host an Alive, Strong & Fearless event
  • Be a positive role model
  • Communicate with me and the Alive Family
  • Submit blogs for the monthly Alive Magazine
  • Active members on social media representing Alive 



  • Been apart of the Alive Family for over 3 months or attended 2 events
  • Active presence on Social Media
  • Voice of Alive, Strong & Fearless
  • Community involved member


What I look for in an Alive Ambassador?

A woman/girl who

  • Understands and respects the values of Alive. Empowerment, Strength and Family. 
  • Has an active, positive and energetic personality and lifestyle to mirror.
  • Is easily approached in the community and willing to host presentations with younger women and older women.
  • Can show the world the Alive Family message


Perks of being an Ambassador

  • Online recognition of blog posts, articles, achievements, social and community events and milestones -  I will support and build you as our grow your family in your community.
  • Initial 4 week online training on Alive Ambassador program, themes for hosting seminars, open communication and support directly with me. 
  • Alive Ambassador start up kit, for you to rock your community with! 
  • Alive Ambassador rates on Personal Fitness Training plans and Coaching plans
  • Sponsorship for the Alive Ambassador in her sport (to a certain dollar amount)



  • You will be joining a WICKED and fast growing FAMILY. Reaching Canada, USA and Costa Rica! 
  • You will be receiving the ULTIMATE Alive Ambassador start up kit and coaching support for your first event and each event following
  • You will be representing a message that is ALIVE, STRONG & FEARLESS... if you're ready for it!


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