Alive's Biggest Winner

The first Alive's Biggest Winner was HUGE. The results were out of this world!

Women were releasing over 20 inches and over 20 lbs in just 12 weeks with FITNESS and their own eating patterns.

This time round I'm upping the game with providing you with a 4 week holistic meal plan, from oatmeals and eggs for breakfast to slow cooker curry chicken dishes and healthy tuna casseroles for dinner. All family favourites! Also bi weekly POWER calls. This and MORE to get you that much closer to the WINNER'S POT!

So let's see what's involved

  • 12 HIIT@HOME Full length workout videos all delivered to your Alive Fitness App. 6 previous ones.
  • 100% Support and Accountability
  • Direct communication with your personal trainer, ME- Kelsey
  • 12 week dedication and committment to not only ME but TO YOU!
  • 4 workouts a week minimum committment (all videos are about 20-30 minute duration)
  • 4 weeks of holistic meal plans
  • Attend Bi Weekly POWER calls
  • $10 from EACH REGISTRATION goes into the WINNERS pot.

2 CASH prizes go to the women who have the highest percentage of pounds released and percentage of inches released.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When does it start? Jan 7th

  2. How do you know when my before and after photo were taken? I ask everyone to put a date and time stamp on their photo. These photos and measurements will be done once a month

  3. What style are the workouts? There is a mix of HIIT (high intensity interval training) with cardio, lifting and kick boxing.

  4. How long are the HIIT@HOME workouts? Only 20-30 minutes long.

  5. Do I need equipment for the workouts? Minimal equipment is needed, only a couple classes require a 5lb dumb bell set or bands or use filled water bottles.

  6. How do I receive the HIIT@HOME workouts? You are invited to download (free) the Alive Fitness App and are given a private log in. From there I load in your workouts and schedule in.

  7. Are my measurements public? No, I assign a number to each woman and your stats will be posted that way on an excel spread sheet.

  8. How do I do measurements? You will receive a how to video on measurements, there is also a photo in the app for reference to measure R arm, Chest, Belly Button, Hips and R Thigh

  9. How do I take a picture of my weight? Take a picture of your feet on your scale and date and time stamp it.

  10. How do I attend the bi weekly POWER calls? I set up a zoom link for you and the group, everyone is expected to attend. The calls are provided to you to give you the boost of motivation, insight and inspiration. Also gives you an opportunity to ask me anything one on one post call. AND gives the group an opportunity to connect more.

  11. What does the nutrition look like? I give you a full meal plan including breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks. They will be generic lifestyle plans with the goal to release weight. If you have food allergies, please contact me and I will accommodate your needs. My goal is for you to enjoy these meals and make them apart of your regular routine.

  12. Cost? Broken down with all the services you are receiving here is over $425. For the Alive's Biggest Winner Challenge cost is only $175

  13. Can I break the payments into 3? Yes you can. Please contact me to make arrangements.

  14. Can I try a class out before I commit? SURE here you go! Check the video below

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Get ready 2019 You’re On A Mission

Click below to commit and get EXCITED to join the Alive Fit Family! 

- Kelsey