Alive Lifestyle

Connecting fitness, food and mindset for you. 

What If....

  • What if you enjoyed working out, actually looked forward to it?
  • What if you knew what your body was craving?
  • What if you heard yourself speaking nicer to yourself?

Ever wonder what those answers may look like or feel like.

This is why I have combined my 3 certifications to give you the Alive Lifestyle Package.

I've always said  "Alive Fitness will provide a service that will strengthen women physically, mentally and spiritually." And it always has and will.  

In 2017, I connected myself to my higher enlightenment more than ever before. I went back to school and graduated from Holistic Nutrition Consultant/ Holistic Health Coach course. I also dove deeper into my own self development and more read books than ever, invested more time and energy than ever. It led me to listen more with my heart and guided me to learn the messages I was receiving. Throughout 2017 my members noticed a more enlightened and grounded leader. I opened the eyes of women that were stuck in tunnel vision or not seeing their potential. I set fires underneath ladies to follow dreams and witness ladies release unwanted weight.

I empowered women to believe in themselves. 

2018 will be no different.

It will only be STRONGER. 

There is no holding back now.

In this program I'm delivering you real, heart centered guidance.

I'm delivering you spiritual guidance, connection and life coaching sessions. 

I'm delivering you sweaty workouts to do in your home. 

I'm delivering you meal plans for you and your family to enjoy. 

I'm delivering you the ALIVE LIFESTYLE. 



The physical release given from fitness is the first thing that usually clicks with women.

I know it's easier to sweat it out than to talk about it.

I used to be like that too.

Fitness allows you to have clarity and gain focus on what your biggest desires are in life, right now.

Fitness also allows you to see visually your progress and see your improvements.



I love food. I also can hate food too. And these emotions tide to food can create emotional eating. It can lead to eating in a stressful state. And eventually will effect how your food is digested and absorbed.

Intentional eating is how and where I desire to live.

I say, "Eat the cake, get over it and poop it out"

Release the guilt and stress with what to eat and what not to eat and EAT FOR YOU!



You are one.

Let's start looking at yourself as you are one.

Your body, mind and spirit are far more connected than you believe and it will show you, if you listen. The key is to listen. Listen with an open heart and allow all messages to come through. Good and bad, they each have a purpose. Let's shine a light on them.

In this past year I have witness women gain a stronger connection to their self awareness, self talk and have rated themselves a 1/10 the first session for negative self talk and increased to 7/10 at the end of the 3 month adventure with me.

This tends to be the missing piece in a lot of women and I've been nudged over the years to "tap" into it more. And I'm proud to listen to my own intuition and deliver it to you, in a more confident and inspiring state for you to learn from.

The Alive Lifestyle


Included is:

  • In depth Alive Lifestyle workbook to run parallel to your sessions
  • Fitness training delivered to your personal log in of the Alive Fitness app
  • 1 month of full meal plan nutrition plans laid out, 2 months of nutritional support, accountability and meal plan guidance
  • Weekly 45 min -60 min spiritual guidance, connection and life Coaching sessions
  • Professional and personal training, coaching and guidance 
  • Upfront discussions lead only to move you higher
  • Constant open heart and honest communication
  • Communication throughout the week, emails/messages will be replied within 4 hours. On the weekend, emails/messages will be replied within 12 hours
  • Accountability with your committed fitness schedule
  • Accountability and check in's with your food journals and entries
  • Access to Asha Yoga practices, 3 part series in the Alive Fitness App
  • Guidance from higher above and heart felt messages
  • Action steps to move you towards a stronger you and a more aligned you
  • Empowering and inspiring you to go with AND trust the "flow" of life
  • A safe haven for releasing emotions in a confidential and welcoming environment
  • and more...  

Is this for you?

I don't honestly know.

Only you do. 

All I know is that, if you are done feeling exhausted, lost and discouraged, than this is for you.

If you are done fighting the "what if's" of life, then this is for you.

If you are done feeling last place, than this is for you. 


If you are ready to start a lifestyle change.

If you are ready to get uncomfortable physically, mentally and spiritually.

If you are ready to say, "me too"


Then let's go! 

Tomorrow will come, the next day too, and soon 5 months will pass, Where will you be? 

Book your free connection call to start the process of our 3 month adventure.