Do What Makes You Feel Alive


Remember that feeling of being yourself?

Cranking the music and letting your hair fly in the wind. Or embracing your inner child and playing on the jungle gym with your children. That amazing feeling is the one I build on here at the Do What Makes You Feel Alive program.

This 8 week course is focused on YOU + these 6 pillars:

  1. Genuinely You

  2. Strength

  3. Passion

  4. Appreciation

  5. Alignment

  6. Alive!

This program is for you and your self development,

If you are desiring:

  • To love yourself more

  • To be more self aware

  • To feel confident in each and every decision you makes

  • To feel motivated every day and take steps towards your best self

  • To see yourself walk stronger and prouder

  • To hear yourself talk nicer

  • To feel yourself act with intentions

  • To see your own passions unfold and incorporate them in your life

Here I will be inspiring you to:

  • Shine your personality brighter

  • Bring out your true strength and values

  • Give yourself permission to rediscover your passions and how to incorporate them back into your life.

  • Show yourself to appreciation and how to show yourself appreciation

  • To listen to your heart and be intentional with everything!

  • Do what makes you feel alive!



By discovering theses 6 pillars;

You are giving yourself a solid foundation for your future successes.

These 6 pillars not only set you up personally, they will reflect into your professional life and bring you a higher value.


Other benefits are:

  • Increase your strength and confidence within

  • Raise your awareness of what makes you happy and how you desire to spend your time and energy

  • Increase your knowledge of your support system and who they truly are

  • Boost your personal and professional value

  • Expand your listening skills to start listening to your heart

  • Gain knowledge on your alignment and how to snap out of a "rut"

  • Boost your motivation to start leading a life you are passionate about

  • Increase your productivity where you intentionally invest your time and energy

  • Uplift your sense of love for yourself and others

Included in the Do What Makes You Feel Alive 8 week program:

  • 8 weekly group calls led by Kelsey Davidson

  • 8 weekly modules with each week having a focus on one of the six pillars

  • Open support and communication via email to

  • Access to the Alive Family member ship site

  • Exclusive Facebook support group

  • My personal resource list on personal and professional self development

  • Support from your fellow Alive Family members


Early Bird Cost until December 10th $159

After Dec 10th $219



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