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If you could tell your younger self one thing, What would it be?

  • Would it be to speak up more?

  • Would it be to be stronger?

  • Would it be to try something new?

  • Would it be to love yourself more?

  • Would it be, I BELIEVE IN YOU?

Imagine how impactful that message to yourself would have been?

Your daughter now has the opportunity to grow her confidence with new friends in a safe, fun and energetic environment.

photo credit Jenifer Sander Photography

photo credit Jenifer Sander Photography

When I think back to my childhood, my parents and friends support and words of encouragment got me through a lot of hard competitions and challenging tests.

As an adult I see our world change and the comparison world is stronger than ever. It has created this fire within me to strengthen and empower our youth, our girls, our dream makers, our goal setters, our go-getters, our girls that are going to change the way this world works, now and in our future.

Over the last 3 years I have spoken across Canada and USA sharing the message of Alive, Strong & Fearless. Showing the girls their strength and celebrating their individual personality. Showing them how to FEEL ALIVE, how to harness THEIR STRENGTH and how to look fear in the eye and give it a wink!

I'm excited to bring Alive, Strong & Fearless back in action this FALL with more options for your daughters!

What is to be expected?

  • On the first session I ask that one of the parents attend, for the first 5 minutes, fill out forms and hear my expectations to the girls, so all of us have a clear line of communication.
  • The first session the girls will receive their swag bag filled with great things to get them started in this camp. They will also receive a work book that is to be filled out before the next session, each week will have a new theme. Time committment for them on this work book is about 15 mins a week.
  • There will always be open communication for you and your daughter to contact me.
  • This will be a judgment free, safe environment.
  • Each session will finish off with a small meditation and mindfulness activity.
  • Classes will be at AKCS
  • Photoshoot will be orchaestrated by Jenifer Sanders, the theme will be I AM STRONG
  • 12 Fitness & Empowerment sessions

My expectations of your daughter

  • Have a good attitude
  • Work hard
  • Listen respectively
  • Show up on time and ready to go
  • Complete work book activity

Included in ALL PROGRAMS

  • Fitness & Empowerment Sessions
  • 40 minutes of activity/training/fitness
  • Interactive and complimentary work booklet to the program they have choosen
  • Swag Bag
  • Professional photo shoot with Jenifer Sanders
  • Alive, Strong & Fearless team T Shirt
  • Community give back event, where the girls will discuss and create something together

Check out last session's photo shoot!

Please fill out the information below to have your daughter registered, spot will be confirmed once payment is confirmed. 

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The ASF Team


Keley Davidson

Owner of Alive Fitness and founder of Alive, Strong & Fearless. A passionate woman who loves inspiring girls and women to feel alive, strong & fearless.

What does Alive, Strong & Fearless mean to her? It means to confidently move forward towards your goals and dreams while loving yourself to the MAX!

Alicia Bowman

Alicia is a soulful yogi. She prides herself in her flow of practice and in life. Her connection to Mother Nature and to the inner world brings her classes a hightent experience that the girls have loved! She guides the Alive, Strong & Fearless program with yoga and mindfulness.

What does Alive, Strong & Fearless mean to her?

Jaclyn Ung

Jaclyn's extensive background in Obstacle Course training brings our participants back to the playground to play. She prides herself in overcoming boundaries and empowering her participants to try something new. She brings strength training and functional training to the Alive, Strong & Fearless program.

What does Alive, Strong & Fearless mean to her?


Tara Antosh

Tara brings zest and creativity to the team with her dance moves and energy. Her passion to run and run races is contagious and makes a great leader for the girls run clubs!

What does Alive, Strong & Fearless mean to her?

Shannon Nail

Shannon brings years of experience in fitness and running. Her running and triathlon accomplishments are to the max with an ironman under her belt and many more! Shannon is enthusiastic for all to experience exercise endorphins and the happy hormones.

What does Alive, Strong & Fearless mean to her?


Obstacle Course Training Program

OCR asf.png

Obstacle Course Training brings out and challenges the physical and mental strength.

Every athlete out there knows and respects the connection between physical and mental strength. Without those two you wouldn't be able to push PAST your self limitations.

It is why Jaclyn, of Smart Fit Personal Training has become an Alive, Strong & Fearless instructor. Giving girls (13 years and up) the opportunity to push past their predetermined limits. Giving them the tools to overcome the fear of failing, the fear of the unknown and giving them the mental and physical strength to be successful in the race and in their youth.

This 10 week training program includes

  • A balance of strength training and OCR training
  • Intentional affirmations and self development to overcome the physical challenges
  • Team shirt
  • Work booklet to run paraelle to the sessions
  • Swag bag
  • Rugged Maniac July 27th entry fee included too!

This program is hosted outside but in case of weather a room has been rented at ACKS (just in case)

Cost $150

(Any questions? If so, feel free to fill out the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible)

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