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If you could tell your younger self one thing, What would it be?

  • Would it be to speak up more?

  • Would it be to be stronger?

  • Would it be to try something new?

  • Would it be to love yourself more?

  • Would it be to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF?

Imagine how impactful that message to yourself would have been!

Your daughter now has the opportunity to grow her confidence with new friends in a safe, fun and energetic environment as a member of the Alive, Strong & Fearless team!

photo credit Jenifer Sander Photography

photo credit Jenifer Sander Photography

When I think back to my childhood, my parents’ and friends’ support and words of encouragment pulled me through many difficult challenges and life circumstances.

As an adult, I see our world rapidly changing. We are living in a fast-paced world of comparison. Seeing the world as it is now has created a fire within me to strengthen and empower our youth: Our dream-makers, our goal-setters, our go-getters, our girls that are going to change the world – and change it for the better!

Over the last three years, I have had the pleasure of speaking across Canada and the U.S. sharing the message of Alive, Strong & Fearless. I have showed girls their inner strength and celebrated their individual personalities. I have showed them how to FEEL ALIVE, how to harness THEIR STRENGTH, and how to look fear in the eye and give it a wink!

I'm excited to bring Alive, Strong & Fearless back this FALL with even more options for your daughters!

A few things you need to know:

  • I ask that one of the parents attend the first five minutes of the first session to fill out forms and hear my expectations for the girls. This will ensure we all have clear lines of communication open to share what we need to share from all sides. Please feel free to contact me at any time.
  • Swag Bags filled with great things to get them started will be handed out during the first session. They will also receive a workbook that is to be filled out before the next session.
  • Each week will have a new theme or topic of discussion. The time committment for work on this workbook will be about 15 minutes per week.
  • Alive, Strong & Fearless will be a judgment-free, safe environment for sharing and self-expression.
  • Each session will finish off with a short meditation and mindfulness activity.
  • Classes will be held at AKCS
  • An end of season photoshoot will be orchestrated by Jenifer Sanders, and the theme for this photoshoot will be “I AM STRONG.”

I expect girls to:

  • Have a positive attitude.
  • Work hard.
  • Listen respectfully.
  • Show up on time, ready to go.
  • Complete the workbook activities before each session.

Included in ALL PROGRAMS

  • Fitness & Empowerment Sessions.
  • 40 minutes of activity/training/fitness each session.
  • Interactive and complimentary workbook geared toward the program they have chosen.
  • Fun Swag Bag.
  • Professional photo shoot with Jenifer Sanders.
  • Alive, Strong & Fearless custom team T-Shirt.
  • Community give-back event, where the girls will discuss and create something together.

Check out last session's photoshoot!

Please fill out the information below to have your daughter registered, spot will be confirmed once payment is confirmed. 

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The ASF Team

headshot kels.jpg

Keley Davidson

Owner of Alive Fitness and founder of Alive, Strong & Fearless. A passionate woman who loves inspiring girls and women to feel alive, strong & fearless.

Kelsey leads the Kick Boxing program as well as over sees all the other programs. It is her passion for your daughter to have the best experience with Alive Fitness.

What does Alive, Strong & Fearless mean to her? It means to confidently move forward towards your goals and dreams while loving yourself to the MAX! It means never giving up, no matter what someone says or what your past was. It's all about believing in yourself to be the strongest version of yourself, physically, mentally and spiritually!

headshot Alicia.jpg

Alicia Bowman

Alicia is a soulful yogi. She prides herself in her flow of practice and in life. Her connection to Mother Nature and to the inner world brings her classes a hightent experience that the girls have loved! She guides the Alive, Strong & Fearless program with yoga and mindfulness.

What does Alive, Strong & Fearless mean to her? "Alive is to live and peruse the things that feed your soul, that remind you of who you really are and what is actually important to you.

Strong is to stay when things get hard, to keep going on your chosen path when obstacles are placed before you. Fighting for what you believe in and what you want for yourself.

Fearless doesn’t exist. The best things in my life have come to me when I was afraid and did the thing anyway. Sometimes fear can keep you alive, sometimes it can keep you from living. It is best to make friends with your fear, knowing it can better help you know yourself." - Alicia

headshot Jaclyn.jpg
headshot tara.jpg

Jaclyn Ung

Jaclyn's extensive background in Obstacle Course training brings our participants back to the playground to play. She prides herself in overcoming boundaries and empowering her participants to try something new. She brings strength training and functional training to the Alive, Strong & Fearless program.

What does Alive, Strong & Fearless mean to her?

Being Alive, Strong and Fearless to me means having the courage to do what makes your heart happy in spite of what others think or obstacles that stand in your way. Pushing past your fears and doing the things that you think you can’t do so that you can feel Alive!


Tara Antosh

Tara brings zest and creativity to the team with her dance moves and energy. Her passion to run and run races is contagious and makes a great leader for the girls run clubs! She is grateful to be a part of this community and wholeheartedly support Alive Strong & Fearless in helping girls see their limitless potential! “Our team is launching forward one step at a time toward better health and fitness.”

What does Alive, Strong & Fearless mean to her?

I feel that Alive Strong & Fearless is a vehicle for powerful change: Alive Strong & Fearless can change our own perceptions about strength, physical fitness, empowerment, and the power of girls and women. We are capable of far more than we give ourselves credit for. We can do challenging things, push our own boundaries, and we can strive to achieve goals that we set for ourselves. We are part of a dynamic and passionate team that holds us accountable and pushes us to achieve what we set out to achieve (whatever that may be). Alive Strong & Fearless is a group unlike any other: It is a safe place for girls and women to support each other in building strength and endurance – Physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Shannon Nail

Shannon brings years of experience in fitness and running. Her running and triathlon accomplishments are to the max with an ironman under her belt and many more! Shannon is enthusiastic for all to experience exercise endorphins and the happy hormones.

What does Alive, Strong & Fearless mean to her?

“What Alive strong and fearless means to me is to be alive fully mind body and spirit to be connect with what makes your soul sing. Strong in your faith in yourself and what amazing things you have to share with the world fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire the helps you become who you’ve always wanted to be!” - Shannon


Fall Programs

The Alive, Strong & Fearless Program unites fitness and empowerment together for girls. The program was designed to start and building the confidence early.

I, Kelsey, remember reading a statistic saying the average age of girls dropping out of sports was lowering, yet the numbers of girls dropping out was increasing. WHY? And the Number One reason was self confidence. That means that there are countless girls out there with the ability like Mia Hamm, Christine Sinclair and Hayley Wickenheiser out there, they just stopped playing too early because someone may have said something to them or they may have thought it wasn’t “pretty” to sweat or “play like a boy”.

This program gives girls the confidence and strength to keep competing or keep being active in a new way. Every program follows the same outline of uniting Fitness & Empowerment together. The classes are kept on small for a deeper connection between team leader and participant, participant to participant and participant to self. The classes are designed with weekly topics and discussions. Over the 12 weeks the girls participate in many activities together. The major one being, the team creates an idea to give back to the community. This is supported by the instructor but girls are to lead it. This gives them the hands on experience of giving back.

This Fall Alive Fitness is offering 3 different programs for your daughter to participate in. Check them out below, but first, check out what’s covered and what’s included!

Topics that are covered

  • Gratitude & Appreciation

  • Self Care & Pride

  • Intentional actions & friendships

  • Meditation

  • Motivation within

  • Confidence in your voice

  • What does STRONG mean to you?

  • What does BEAUTIFUL mean to you?

    - Team shirt
    - Work Booklet
    - 12 sessions with professional leader
    - Photo shoot
    - Fun Swag bag

    Cost $165 12 weeks

Photo credit Jenifer Sander Photography

Photo credit Jenifer Sander Photography

Kick Boxing

The orginal of the Alive, Strong & Fearless programs and the program that strengthens girls inside and out. Kelsey leads this class with contagious energy and passion for your daughter to enjoy. Every class participates in 40 minutes of strength training, focus pad Kick Boxing.

Kelsey believes that the Kick Boxing element is the element that your daughter can really see her strength and ability to overcome self doubt and fear.

Girls Ages 11- 15

Tuesday 6:30-7:30 @ AKCS

12 spots available

Photo credit Jenifer Sander Photography

Photo credit Jenifer Sander Photography


Connecting your daughter through intentional thoughts and movement, Alicia leads this pre-teen to teen yoga. Bringing awareness to what it means to be intentional and also to see it play out with a pose compliments the inner knowledge to the outter actions. Alicia brings light, laughter and fun into her practice. She builds trust with your daughter for the class to be a safe haven and for your daughter to step outside of her comfort zone and try new poses.

This class will compliment any strength training or sports training and create a stronger athlete within your daughter.

Girls ages 11- 15

Tuesdays 6:30-7:45pm

12 spots available


Junior Alive, Strong & Fearless

This "Junior" Edition gives girls younger, the opportunity to try out the Alive, Strong & Fearless program at a younger age. The ASF team has combined their passions to give your daughters a rotation of 2 weeks of Kick Boxing, 2 weeks of Yoga and 2 weeks of DanceFit.

The classes will all follow the original outline of the Alive, Strong & Fearless classes of 40 minutes of fitness and 20 minutes of empowerment.

Creating the space for the Junior edition gives your daughter the opportunity to try new things in short time frames. The work booklet also is reflective and more creative, giving your daughters the chance to draw out more emotions rather than writing out.

The class is designed to get the confidence growing early and having your daughter try new things early on.

Girls Age 7-10

Wednesdays 6:30 -7:30 AKCS

12 spots available



Kelsey 2015_0069 copy.jpg

Tie Up Those Laces

Let's do this!

Bringing back the second season of Run Club! This club was a huge hit last season and the girls were running in -10 weather, while running and laughing!

Our focus for your daughter here is to find the balance of mental ability and physical ability, all while having fun running! If you have ever ran any distance you know it's a mind game. And here we are showing the girls how to overcome that and how that will trickle down into their school and sports environment.

This year our goal race is the CIBC Run for the Cure Airdrie, on October 26th at East Lake. The ASF team will be leading your daughter to success in a 5km run.

Alive Fitness has also partnered with Smart Fit Personal Training to offer you, Mom/ Dad/ Aunt or Uncle the opportunity to train at the same time. Having start & finish times, as well as location all done together. This will give you the opportunity to train as well as your daughter!

The Run Club will include a team shirt, a work booklet with weekly topics, registration to the Run for the Cure and a fun swag bag for your daughter to enjoy.

Starts September 3rd

8 weeks of training 2x a week $90

7-12 years old

12 and up can register with Smart Fit Personal Training in the Adult Run Club

Team Leaders are Kelsey Davidson & Tara Antosh

Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6pm- 6:45pm

Saturday Fun Family run/walk at East Lake (optional)

2018 Breast Cancer Run in Airdrie

2018 Breast Cancer Run in Airdrie


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