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My Story

When I was given the fork in road,to quit fitness or have the courage and follow my dreams. 

I chose to follow my dreams and FEEL ALIVE again. I created ALIVE! 

That leap of faith jumped changed my life and now many other women's.

The Alive Family has grown into it's own support system for women near and far. Knowing they are never alone. 

Alive Fitness has

- Created a place of fitness & empowerment for women & girls.

- Provided support for numerous women & girls with numerous emotions.

- Given women & girls a second family or a strong support system.

- Earned women NSV (non scale victories) and inches and pounds released. 

I pride myself on Alive because of how it has helped many women and how each woman that has come to Alive has added their love to it. 


Why did I start or when did I start training?

It's funny how when you open your heart and eyes the universe listens.

That is just what happened.

I went to University for Tourism and Recreation Business, came out with a diploma and never thought that fitness would be my career.

Fast forward many years later when I was in a situation,  I was in a new city and 5 months pregnant.  Before this time, I couldn't find my grove in any "career position". I applied to a fitness facility, hoping I could find like minded women and some friends. I NOT ONLY found my support system- I found my passion! Within a few short months of working at the big box gym I was off getting certifications and attending courses as much as possible.

In 2010 I broke away from the fitness industry and returned with my own business, Alive Fitness officially in Jan 2014 (2013 I started training here and there). 

Having Alive has given me the opportunity to travel and share my passion for health and wellness throughout Canada, USA and Costa Rica. 

Fitness and health to me is more than working out, it is about honouring and appreciating your mind, spirit and body. Alive Fitness & Wellness, ties all of your health needs together. 

When I'm not planning and creating programs or hosting/speaking at empowering girl and women events, you can find me running, laughing with friends and/or hanging out with Mother Nature. I keep very active with my family, we enjoy bike riding, hiking, exploring or creating adventures where ever we go!  We are always laughing and enjoying life to the fullest! 


“Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive”

— unknown

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